Monday, March 22, 2010

10 steps forward, 5 steps back,,,,

Day 17.

I have to admit, I am feeling purty good about this. Being a bit more productive and getting shit done.
But, along comes a wrench in the plans, some sand in the vasaline, a turd in the punch bowl.
Things were going just fine when I got a phone call.
“Hey, there’s a bunch of photo lighting shit at this yard sale. You should come take a look.”
Apparently some guy died, (so many new people in the area I don’t know any of them), and his family was selling off his stuff. (Sorry dead guy, but I’ll try to make you proud with this gear.)
I found an entire studio portrait lighting kit, BRAND NEW!
3 lights, umbrellas, stands, swivels, the works.

The kit, a Smith Victor KT900 sells for 250us$
Then I found a 10x12 muslin background with a porta stand system, which lists for 200us$.
Got some clamps tossed in as well. All brand stinkin new, did I mention that?
My price? 250bz$.
Now we have some good and some bad involved here.
The good is I got a smoking deal on some stuff I ‘sorta’ wanted. And it’s all new.
The bad? The lights are of the continues type, photofloods. I will have to play around with them but I think I am going to be happier with my strobes.
The problems I see with photofloods are one, they need power 110 volts. Not all that convenient to location shooting.
2. they get hot.
3. the bulbs don’t last all that long. Like 20-30 hours.
But I can easily swap out the floods and use my strobes. We’ll have to play a bit first.
The background system is cool but, I happen to think we have some very nice backgrounds right now all around. Not too sure I will use it much.

And it is HUGE! I set it up on the DoubleWide and it left very little room to maneuver.
Now the biggie.
The money I used to pay for this ‘find’, came straight outa my fisheye fund. Fuck.
That’s 123 beers I can’t drink. 5.125 cases.
A set back for sure. Just when I was making good headway.
Here’s an idea, anyone want a portrait, come on over. You get some shots you want, I charge you a few bucks and everyone wins!
After hours erotic photo session can be arranged by calling Barn on his private cell. Don’t call the house! No,, call the cell#, please. And do I really have to mention that women will be preferred?

Beer is rationed to the slaves building the Egyptian pyramids.
Conversations around the beer cooler range from "That head whip Cherops is a real asshole" to "I heard we're building this fucker because some fancy pants wants to make a big splash in the afterlife. Believe that shit?"


Anonymous said...

Some of those erotic session photos could be worth big money! That might be yer best shot yet at getting the bucks to buy yer lens...

Anonymous said...

Bill, I was thinking of the same thing for you. Sounds like that could be something to bring in some extra Beer Money. ooops mean camera money. I think we would be interested in it. Xmas Card or Post Card's for the family back home. Let me know.