Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I try to walk away and I stumble,,,, UPDATED

Day 12.

Interesting reading today in the news. Being St. Patrick day they decided to do a story on hangovers.
What they were saying is the reason there is no known, surefire cure for a hangover is because they don’t know exactly what causes them.
Sure swilling gallons of beer will cause one. Or chugging a quart of rum you best hold on to yer butt.
But they have not been able to pinpoint just exactly what in your system goes to shit. As near as they can get is you become dehydrated from all the pissing and vomiting. OK, that makes sense.
Seems all the home remedies out there are just that. Eating a big, fat, greasy burrito is not ‘scientifically’ going to help. And they were saying the ‘ol hair of the bear that bit ya only puts off the inevitable.

I say embrace that hangover. Wear it like a badge, a medal. You earned it by gawd! And when you have a hangover you can see from space, well gotdammit, you KNOW you had a good time last night. (check the internet for photos)
When your tongue feels like you been lickin a dogs butt, your head is literally pounding, your eyeballs are throbbing out of their holes, stand up tall, face the day, soldier on my brother.

While others, amateur drinkers are home softly crying into their stuffed animals, you sir, head straight for the fridge and grab a cold frosty beer!
Hangovers make drunks a tougher breed of character. The hangover is the mean older brother who toughens you up and teaches you how to fight back. Don’t believe me? Tell you what—you gather the gang from Starbucks and I’ll assemble the boys from Kelly’s Pub and we’ll meet in the parking lot. The caffeine crowd won’t even manage to throw a punch, they’ll be too busy texting the cops: OMG! DRNKS TACKNG US! HLP!

As for the mission I got going on here, seems I was not clear in my intentions, as usual.
At first this was the fastest way I knew how to raise some cash for that lens I’m all boner-ed up over.
Then I posted I would go 30 days in the hole. Dry. Bored silly.
Day #12 and it is not so bad but,,, come day #17 our calender shows 5 days without any guests.
I’m afraid the temptation will be too great. The lure of the Belikin Gods calling my name, poking me, poke, poke POKE, SLAP!
What I am getting at here is although I posted 30 days, I may have to revise the fine print to reflect that 30 days may not be all at once. There may be a 5 day break.
Come on,, I deserve it right? What’s 5 days anyway. It will only set me back 5 days to fishing time.
Now I’m not saying it will happen, but I keep looking at the calendar and there are 5 days wide open just flashing big GET HAMMERED at me.

In the meantime,, I’ll keep the pace and if I make that change to the fine print, I’ll let you know.

UPDATE: A couple comments landed in the comment box that I feel I need to respond to.
I understand you are just trying to be helpful with those suggestions but I need to point out the obvious.
If I had the kind of money it would take to shut down the business for a couple weeks and go fuck off on a caye, then this little 'Dry spell' wouldn't be happening to begin with. I would just go buy that lens and get on to the beer drinkin!
But we are smack-dab in the middle of High season with guests coming and going.
And I would not think of going off somewhere without my main squeeze, nor would she allow it.
So I'm gonna stay the course. I believe the bumpy areas are behind me.
I already have some good ideas for shots with the fisheye!


RPM said...

Congeners cause hangovers. WTF is a congener? It's the impurities in alcohol. Cheaper alcohol, more congeners, bigger hangover.

sandy a said...

Go camping and fishing on one of the cayes. At least there won't be any beer out there to tempt you!
As for hangover? I used to get them, but don't drink enough anymore to get one and frankly, I DON'T miss them!

Julian in SC said...

That darn pic of yours is causing me eye trouble Barn! If you use your mouse to scroll up it takes my brain about a 1/2 second to catch up with the fact that there ARE two set of eyes and a second mouth -- irritating for sure. By the way, where is her second nose anyway.

Boy, you were hammered when you took this one... LOL

~Barbara~ said...

I agree...go out to the cayes. You'll be better off in the long run if you stick to your plan. It's only 30 days. right? Remember why you moved to Belize? Take advantage of the down time to re-discover.
BTW This post is hysterical. Thanks!

sandy a said...

help is on the way