Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bowlin and dog barf,, how sweet is that?

Whew! That was a close one!
Yesterday, we don’t know why, but Scurvy was feeling real bad. His stomach was a bit bloated, he just barely walked and was whimpering some.
We got very concerned. We got a crate and made him a reservation to fly to BZ city to the vet.
He was about to rack up some frequent flyer miles.
After a rough nites sleep for us, we see this morning he is back to his old self?
What the fuck was that I don’t know.

Back to the fun stuff.

I attended a tiny birthday party Sunday at Jaguar Lanes, the new bowling alley.
I said new, not nude.
This place is going to be popular with a lot of folks. Me? Maybe in the Jungle bar.
They have done a very good job with this. Everything you would expect in a bowling alley, with the exception of overhead scoring thingys. New shoes, new balls, but used pin-setting gear.
And as would be expected there are some mechanical bugs. Of the 4 lanes one was down while waiting for parts. And it was being scavenged to keep the other 3 going. This will be their biggest hurdle if you ask me. Keeping things running. The Gov’nt doesn’t make it easy to deal with outside parts suppliers and getting the stuff here can be a challenge.
Good luck with that.
I found my favorite spot to be in the bar, go figure. No, really, they have a small T.V. monitor in there and you can watch people bowl while enjoying a 12oz draft Belikin! It’s fun! And I am told that by next week the small monitor will be replaced with a BIG SCREEN! Whoop whoop!

I’m almost never in a hurry to get drunk. Drunk is where I often end up but if you rush you will miss all the good stops along the way, like more-talkitive-than-usual,, can’t-stop-smiling, so-happy-to-be-here (no matter where ‘here’ is at the time).
For this reason I stick to beer which facilitates the slow fade I enjoy so much and keeps me (mostly) civilized.
If and whenever I get off the beers and head for let’s say rum, well now I’m on the bullet train to my final destination, missing all the good stops along the way. Zoom right the fuck past them.

Sitting in a tiny bar in Central America watching people bowl, some for the first time ever, on a big screen drinking draft beer,,, what could be more laughs?
Well, maybe the fact there’s a pole for ‘pole dancing’ right in the center!

Did I mention the draft beers are only 4bz dollars?


Anonymous said...

Ya gotta work on yer pole dancin' Barn...you'd be a big hit!

Harley said...

That sounds like a blast.....Good Times...... I Just Got a Call from "The Union" last night so I'm off on my next great adventure. Montana.... Hopefully I'll have my papers in order to fly out and investigate this establishment in 100 Days.(that's the job length) Counting Down and Still Dreaming....

sandy a said...

just can't wait to play!

Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

I need to mention that those are not poles in the Jaguar Lanes. They are square columns. If I am not mistaking poles are round. We could have a real problem here sliding down a square column. Road Rash between the legs if you know what I mean. I personally have some experience with poles since there was this one night at Raul's Rose Garden that I got up and personal with both of their poles and commenced to put on a show for the girls. I even had some join in on the fun. It was fun licking on the pole after one of my attractive female partners commenced to slide down the pole.
Very tasty indeed.

RPM said...

Do they serve Caucasians? The Dude would approve.