Thursday, February 4, 2010

To the batcave,,,,

Our weekly trip to town was uneventful. One thing I will comment on, well, two things, maybe three, is the amount of grocery stores that have sprang up over the last year or so. It wasn’t all that long ago the only 2 store was Wallens and Olga’s. oops, I forgot Verlee’s. Wallens is still going after a few facelifts but Olga’s has changed hands a few times. It is now Nang Kee (chiney). The new ‘Youth Center’ project was scrapped about ½ way thru (under some shady circumstances) and it is now Nang Kee North, right next to Wallens. Verlee’s is now ‘Middle Chiney’. And then you have Everyday (chiney). Open every day even Sundays.
Siene Bight has Elvis’s store and they opened a branch in the Breach, Elvis North. Plus we have The Maya Point Market here as well, new location but same store.
They most all sell the same thing but it is very nice to have the choices now.
So just like the states where the Koreans have cornered the liquor stores, the Vietnamese have the nail salons, the Mexicans own the lawn biz, the Chiney here are taking the grocery stores.
S’Ok by me.

Then we saw Cassie with a new dog. Someone musta told her to ‘get a long little doggie’, cause she did! One of them tiny wiener dogs. Cute little thing, following her down the road.

Now onto the nightlife.
I set up a couple lights last night as Mrs. Barn was out with the ‘ladies’, and I tried to get a photo showing just how many bats swarm our deck at ‘banana-30’. (that’s scientific jargon for the time I set out a banana and it gets dark.)

But I can’t get one that is justified. So I move in close again and shoot individuals.
I posted a few to a Flickr group I belong to and I saw this bastard.
He is from Peru and eats fruit.

And the rabies just dripping from them.


Harley said...

I've never been a big fan of bats. We have them here in Idaho but you never really see them, (that could be that I'm Running for Cover when I hear them Swooping), but your photo's Barn, make them look so tame and sweet. Maybe I should add that to my Valentine list?

Denise said...

Ha,Ha,Ha...I can't wait for Danny to get home to show him this cute pic of the Peru Fruit Bat!!! I bet he won't be feeding any Peruvian bats!!! LOL

~Barbara~ said...

These bat photos are brilliant. thanks, Barn

Danny said...

Danny says, "Is the fruit that tough in Peru, that the bats need fangs like these?"

Wilma said...

I am a big fan of bats; your photos are absolute works of art! Great stuff. I love how you captured the full extention of the wings. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

The last one looks like someone I had to deal with in the GST office while looking at my wallet.

DriveGoddess said...

Wow Barn.....good shooting!!!!