Monday, February 1, 2010

I see a bad moon risin, I see trouble on the way,,,

Well, things have still been busy round here. Our season started out real slow but wholly shit did it pick up! Normally I would be looking for cheap flights about now for the spring, but even our spring looks to be a busy one. My flight to Denver might be a summer deal. Good for us I guess.
The economy up north has affected tourism everywhere. Here in Belize that same seems to be true, but a bit different. It looks like what I am seeing is that people still want to vacation but they are knocking it back a notch.
Looks like the smaller/cheaper places are doing good while the hi-end fancy-pants places are down.
I could be way wrong but that’s what it looks like from here.
And since the Breach is made up of ‘in the middle’ type business’s, looks like we are all having a pretty good start.

One restaurant I have not mentioned for a review is The Green Parrot. No reason, I just haven’t got there yet.
For this review I have to use our guest’s comments as a guide. We don’t ever go out ourselves but I recommend these places to our guests.
And lately I have been sending folks to the G.P. for dinners. We all know the cook there, Isabel. She has been here cooking at the various places a long time. Can’t go wrong when she is in the kitchen and this holds true now as well.
All our guests we have sent there come back with great comments.

Add one more to the must-do list! The Green Parrot, thumbs up!

A couple nights ago was a full moon. The biggest of the year , or some shit. Anyway, the power snapped out here round sunset and we began drinking all the beer before it got warm.
Then we saw the moon rising.
Out comes the camera and tri-pod, off to the beach we go.
I got off a few decent shots before the bugs got really hungry, but it’s too bad I had a belly full of belly-kins because I could have done a better job at photoing that moon. But it was fun and we both had swollen heads the next day!
What can ya say,,,,,


Harley said...

Very Nice Beach Jammer, Head Hammer, Moon Manor.

Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

Sure that's the fuckin moon. Looks almost orange enough to be a sunrise.

You ain't been drinking too many of them there Belikins and got your morning and nights fucked up, have U?

sandy a said...

Sorry we missed saying good bye! You were in town when we left. Had a great time at your place. Phil will see you soon...I'll be stuck on the farm with the kids (goat, that is!)

Harley said...

Barn Man. What up? I love your Blog. Did you ever get a chance to check out mine? Caribbean Occurrence. I linked yours on this site. On another note. I'm still trying to hunt down a link to buy a Belikin Beer T-Shirt. Help if you can. I realize your working hard. Thanks. Harley and Loriel.