Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Women just don't understand science,,,

So, whats been happning? Let me tell you.
Sunday I went to the new ‘flea market’ in the Breach. Yep, we combed all the fleas we could offa FuzzNutts and hauled them over. They have tables set up where you sell your stuff each Sunday. About 6 tables were set up with varying types of ‘stuff.
But because there was all the usual “don’t take my photo, I don’t want to be on the blog.”, all you get is this photo of a box of Playboys.

The flea market may be a hit, remains to be seen. I like it tho.

We have a few days without guests and we are finishing up some loose bullshit round here.
Did I mention how it has been cold? Have you heard stories about brittle nipples, wool socks, kalua and coffee, shriveled dicks? Well let me clue you in.

IT’S BEEN FUCKIN COLD!! Down to 55 one morning and 60 for 4 days in a row. 62 right fuckin now!
Scurvy is the only one enjoying it, although it does make for a good nights sleep.
What do you do when it’s freeking cold? Make jalapeño poppers what else.

Big news, and I can’t tell you what it is or how it’s coming to be, but heres a hint.

I don't care if you lick windows, take the special bus or occasionally pee on yourself.. You hang in there sunshine, you're special!


sandy a said...

I saw on the forecast that you'll be back to warmer temps in no time--I arranged that especially just for our visit!!
A flea market,huh? With all the dogs around the Breach, you'd think everyone would have all the fleas they need!!

Anonymous said...

It's so cold here fish are washing up on the beach FROZEN !!!Cant wait to be there .M&N

Anonymous said...

"Women don't understand science."
You fool!
Women invented science.

Anonymous said...

Yo Barn,

Rosalyn Yalow - Nobel Laureate for developing the first clinical assay prototype for insulin. And I developed these types of assays for my living.

Barbara McClintock - Nobel Laureate for figuring out how genes "jump" using corn as a model, but applicable to the human immune system and its rearrangements that allows MANkind to survive infections. Heard her speak while in Grduate School - she was briliant.

Carole Greider - Nobel Laureate for work on telomerase, the enzyme that may explain cancer's inevitable growth. (I follwed her work with a few publications in cancer research).

Mary-Claire King - discovered breast cancer predisposition gene BRCA1 in 1993.

But in reality what you said in the title is true, since women are discourgaed from going into science by Western society. Truly unfortunate.

Sign me: A rabid follower of "As the Coconuts Drop" - Ph.D.