Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stay warm, go get a hot toddie, or a beer,or 7

Hey,, what shakin?
Just a few quick things mostly to let you know I have not died contrary to whatever rumor you may have seen on CNN.

It’s cold here. In the low 60’s at night! I don’t care where you are reading this, low 60’s is cold for Belize. And it’s predicted to get colder tonight, rumors of 55!
And we know it’s cold up north too. How do we know? The colder it gets, the more hits we get on our web page. And those hits are now morphing into reservations. It’s shaping up to be a good season. We were a bit worried but not anymore.
Come on down.

I have a few comments coming up for the blog. Mostly concerning the upcoming zombie invasion that apparently I am the only one who knows about. Expect that shortly.
I have some Mental Breach updates as well so hang in there.

But for right now, I need to adjust the ratio of blood-to-antifreeze in my system so I can get some feeling back into my frozen toes.

It ain't the jeans that makes your butt look big.


Denise said...

Oh...I'm getting depressed looking at these pics:( It's so beautiful there. Terrific pictures, as always!

Anonymous said...

It's Great to hear your year is starting off with a Bang, or a drink by the sound of things. I have put your link on my new blog. I'm just getting started. But I hope You have to work your ass off this year . Cool pix of the compound.

RPM said...

It was sevenfreakingteen here last night with a wind chill of -5.

I really need to sell out and move in across the street. That lot still for sale?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to "The King" Hubba, Hubba, Hubba. Harley

sandy a said...

Bill's gonna put in a drive-thru daquiri place in across the street!!

Anonymous said...

How's this for starting the year off with a bang, or a beer or 7 or 8: Sarah Palin is signed by Fox News.

Should be like hunting on a baited field.

Beer me a Lighthouse Barn.

Love the bat photo.

Brian said... Barn pls review this and comment. It is about cruise ships coming to Placencia. Thought u would have something to say about this.