Saturday, January 16, 2010

I can't afford to cut back on the beers!

Ok, a few posts back I believe I mentioned some big news. Well it’s big to me, maybe not you, but fuck you anyway.
As BTL sez, “It’s all about you.”
I/we are saving up all our dead presidents and live queens so we can purchase this new lens.
We don’t have the cash just layin round so we came up with a few ways to help save.
Mrs. Barn has given up the fags. (ciggybutts to you pervs who are thinking some kinda weird shit), and she has graciously offered to pitch in all the cash she saves from that to the cause. Way to go Mrs. Barn!
Then, we decided to cut back on the beer consumption and donate those savings as well to the kitty. Fuck, we’ll have that bad boy before you know it!

Oops, already hit a snag.

Her: so, we goin off the beer tonight?
Me: oh, I don’t know what do you think?
Her: I could go either way, you decide.
Me: OK, lets go dry tonite.
Her: lemme check the funds. Well, we have no money we could kick into the fund if we don’t drink.
Me: fuck, I guess we drink. We can’t afford not to!

This might take longer than I hoped.
Anyone gets the unstoppable urge to contribute to this cause is welcome!

Here's some sample photos with this lens.

Had to make an emergency trip to Belize city Friday. Mrs. Barn busted her glasses. Anyone who wears glasses knows what I’m talking bout.
The road out was in great shape! It’s now paved to about 1 mile past the now closed down Bella Maya. And then coming from the southern it’s paved about the first 2 kilometers and that’s where they are working at as well. The only real bad spot is up near and in front of ‘Beverly Hill’s, that misplaced shit north of us. You know, swimming pools, movie stars. It’s shit road there and looks to be the last part finished. How appropriate.

Got another restaurant review. Macey’s. located just down the street from Venus records. As I strolled the cd isle Maceys was recommended by a taxi driver. OK, small rice&bean joint just down the block, let’s go!
My kinda place, small, homey, not pretentious at all. About 5 tables and that’s it.

We both ordered stew chicken rice and beans, me a beer her a glass of tap water.
Meal was fine, the usual stew chicken plate. Then the bill came,,,!
No prices on the chalkboard so it’s our fault for not asking. Turns out to be 12bz per chicken and a 5$ beer!
So, Maceys gets a thumbs up for the chicken but a huge thumbs down for the price!

Next time, we go back to the Admirals club.

Theres a new sign in the Breach.


Anonymous said...

Better start polishin those old balls and get em ready.

Anonymous said...

Mornin' Govna. . . You Never Mentioned the Total Your Little Kitty Needed in Donations.. The Lens Photo's Look Worth the Effort. Keep Up the Hard Work. Harley And Loriel

Anonymous said...

Let's see. It's Saturday night, I'm reading the latest installment of As the Coconuts Drop, and I've been drinkin.

Now that lens you are talking about looks pretty high quality from the Flickr pics, but hard to tell since it has not passed the assed test: where are the TnA pics with this lens?

Barnacle said...

i have been informed that telling folks 'fuck you' in one sentence, then asking for money in the next, is not the best way to approach this.
so i apologize to those who may be inclined to help this cause.

harley and loriel, nikon is damn proud of this piece of glass. best price = 677$

T&A photos to follow,,,

Sue W said...

So I sent money to Haiti by texting, and since this "lens fund" would be next on my donation list, do you have a #?