Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where's the Pope when you need him,,,

Hoo boy is the wind blowing! I hate that. All that grass on the beach, logs and shit. And just in time for the season to begin. The last month or so it has been dead calm out there. Water like glass. I love it like that but it does allow the bugs to move about more freely.
But business is picking up. We have reservations coming in now and it don’t look too bad,, so far. I was in town yesterday and saw quite a few visitors around.
And this is coming just in time too. As I went to the ATM to grab some cash, I stuck in my card, it spit it out, and laughed at me?
Mrs. Barn’s response to that was “How many times have I told you, you gotta stick it in the right way. And you know, pressing the right buttons wouldn't hurt either.”
I’m not sure but that may have been a slam aimed in my direction?

OK, check this out. AS THE COCONUTS DROP has hit some milestones. We have passed the 50,000 hit mark! 51,738 as of this morning! Damn, that’s a lot of coconuts!

The blog has been visited from 117 different countries. Odd places I would not expect like Turkey, Ghana, Tonga, Vanuatu, Reunion, (never heard of that one?) and Canada. Still no hits from Vatican city tho. What’s up with that Pope guy? I would think he would be a reader.

The coolest thing is that when you type in “Devil’s Taint’ into google, this blog is the first one to pop up!

What’s not to love?
Maybe the Pope has not found out he can turn the filters off during a search. Maybe his hats too tight?

Women should have three breasts. Two in the front, and one in the back, for dancing.


RPM said...


Love the pic.

tacogirl said...

Congrats on your milestones and thanks for keeping making us laugh all over the world.