Thursday, December 10, 2009

Damn good eats,, times two!

You get a break from my new found medical woes, and there are some new ones! But today I want to blather on about a few other things.
First up is a restaurant review.
The Admiral’s Club, at the municipal in BZ city. Now you know I can hear all of you saying “what the fuck Barn, it’s in Belize city?” well, this is one place that needs a mention no matter where it is. I flew up there yesterday, (doctors app.), and as I always do, I wait for my returning flight at the Admirals club. I believe I may have mentioned before how I don’t go for the fancy, swanky joints, haven’t I? Well this one fits right into my style. Small, open air ‘cool spot’, popular with the working class, BEL workers, Belikin drivers, taxi men, some GOB employees.
Nothing fancy ANYWHERE!
But where they shine is in value! Let me tell you, I sat there waiting for my return flight drinking beers and eating one of the best plates of stewed chicken rice-n-beans to be found, and my bill was 15bz$
3 beers, and lunch 15$! Beat that!! And,, Maya will phone you up if an earlier flight has a seat.
Good folks, friendly girls on staff, great food, cheap prices. What’s not to love?
By comparison, I know a place here in the Breach that has stewed chicken rice-n-beans on their menu for 28$. And don’t ask about the beer prices. You could fly to the Admirals club and have a cheaper day of it!
The Admirals Club, they get a big thumbs up from me!

And speaking of eating, things are getting tight round here. Visitors are not setting any records with filling the planes. Although A.A. just announced a bunch of dirt cheap flights to Belize. Any of you wanting to come visit, now may be a good time, and I hear it may be cold and snowy up there?
Frozen travelers,, come on down!

Until things get back to as normal as it gets, I have a new technique for feeding us.
Now, you see that crack between the stove and the wall? Every now and then I'll find, say, a fuzzy M&M. Now, you just peel the protective coating, and you've got a nice little dose of simple carbohydrates. And don't throw away that colorful shell. Makes a hearty base for soup.
So, I'll get the hanger and a little piece of gum and a-hunting we will go!

Me: (flicking Mrs. Barn in the head) “Mosquito!”
Her: (punching me in the gut) “Tapeworm!”


Anonymous said...

I think the good deals start Jan 1 but they include many departure cities.


Anonymous said...


Temperature is Minus some big number in Minnesota. The snow plow deposited a load of about 10 feet in height at the end of the driveway. Hope business picks up for you. As far as the gout goes, stop eating the gibnut foie gras. MnMs are OK, even the green fuzzy ones. Where wre you located relative to Singing Sands and the airstrip?

RPM said...

Just looking at the fares to BZ City now. Must book before 12/22. Travel by 3/31.

$149 from New York, Hartford, DC, Miami & StLouis
$170 from Kansas City
$172 from DFW
$179 from Chicago
$189 from LA

WTF? It's cheaper from New York than DFW?

I feel for ya with the gout. My Dad was diagnosed with it in the '70's and I was forced to eat the same diet he did.

I still hate eggplant.

sandy a said...

but 172 from DFW is only one way. I checked it out after I THOUGHT I already got a good deal.
Hope your visit to the doc was a-ok!

NorthSideSue said...

The $179 from Chicago works out to $430 RT with taxes.

maria said...

Im a belizean and i truly love your stuff! Whenever im down or stuck between ever changing moods... i come to ur site... love ur style of writing...its downrite hilarious! thnx fu d laghs... we shud have a beer or beers one day... hmmm..... ok.... i be soundin like dem groupies now eh?!lol Kool stuff!

Anonymous said...

You can feed an entire Mayan village with $28.00 worth of chicken, rice, and beans....that is totally outrageous!!!