Saturday, December 19, 2009

Look, it's a club, no, it's a sex toy, no, it's super carrot! UPDATED

Let’s see, just what’s been happnin? Well, to start with, a big shake-up in the bar biz. Tuesday morning a padlock was slapped on the door of Barefoot Beach Bar. Normally when something like this happens it is from some sort of violation like liquor or food laws. But not this time. The most popular bar in the village was closed by the person who owned the building. Rumors were flying all last week and I still don’t have any ‘facts’ that I could post here other than it’s closed and Cassie and Brice are looking for the next location. As always there will be 2 sides to the story but knowing who is on both sides, I will believe the Dial girl’s version.

So, can any of the other bars take advantage of the situation? Remains to be seen but right now there is a large group of folks kinda wandering round down there like lost zombies, mindlessly walking towards Barefoot before they remember it’s closed then they just sorta bump into each other, bounce around a bit before they land in some other bar, scratchin their heads trying to figure out what the fuck happened to their favorite bar?? Refugees.
When I know more I’ll post.

Now let’s talk food!
First up, Elvis has opened his branch here in the Breach! I plan on checking it out in a few minutes.
Just got back. Really nice store. Nice folks as well, Kenny and Sue. I tried to offer a little free advert on the side of this blog, but I just couldn’t get my point across. Small communication barrier.
11 years ago when we first arrived in the Breach there wasn’t shit here. It was wilderness. Now look at us, electricity, phones, cable T.V., pipe water, pavement, 2 grocery stores, a furniture store, motorized bicycles, and a bowling alley in the works!
One can only hope we get a nudie bar before the churches arrive!

A while back we wanted to cook up some ribs on the Barbie. I went to my old pal Google and found some great sites that suggest slow cooking them at 225 degrees for 3 hours. OK, how do you keep a basic charcoal grill simmering at 225 for 3 hrs you may ask.

Well, I learned that you keep the top vent open ½ way, and adjust the bottom vents to regulate the temp. Then adding more coal as needed. Situate the ribs on one side of the grill with the top vent above them, and the coals on the opposite side to create a path for all the charcoal flavors to pass over the ribs on their way out.

Fuck, I should have been doing this years ago.
Unfortunately, before I could grab a shot of the ribs, they were gone.

Check out this thing I bought from Greg! Is it a club, is it a sex toy, or just a monster carrot? Actually this was one of the smaller ones he had that day!
We really do eat well here!

P.S. If anyone wants to mention to Kenny and Sue about the free advertising on this blog, please try to help me get it clear to them what it is. All I need is a JPEG and some info. Maybe mention it to Elvis as well?

Since the wives are downtown feeding dinners to the homeless, shouldn't we be at the nudie bar feeding dollars to the topless?


sandy a said...'s ssssoooo BIG!

Anonymous said...

Ya the Miss's saw those carrots the other day and tossed me aside like a wet nuddle. I even found one with a tickler attached. She grabbed it and kicked sand in my face.
The Breach is movin on up.
As for the bar with the brass pole? Hmmmmmmm just another oppertune-titty in the works. On sunday's it can be the church of "Whats Happin Now" by the Reverand "Right On Jackson".

Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

It will be a cold day in hell when i see a bunch of sorry ass churches in the Breach before I see a titty bar
come here.

Hell What U think a Belizean gringo
could open up one of those there bars. Probably slim to none. I'd do it in a second if I new it was possible.

Denise said...

Wait a minute!!! Is that my carrot?????