Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Uh Oooh,, here he goes,, again!

Guess what. Soapbox time,, again.
A couple things came to light today and they are weighing on me.
First thing was a phone call to my mom. Now, my parents, both still living but with the usual old folk ailments, have never really discussed politics with me. They just didn’t. But I have known that they were anti Oboma from the start. Yes, I will admit it, they have always been somewhat racist. For instance, when we told them we were moving to Belize, mom’s reply was “why do you want to go there? Those people are all crazy!” Maybe not so much racist as ignorant? But I think all racist's are just ignorant. This from someone who has never really left the Denver area. And I firmly believe this is the basis for their feelings. Bums me out, but that’s who they are, or who I believe them to be. Dad is blind and only listens to the radio. Guess who he chooses to listen to. Yep, Rush Limbaugh.
Then he tells mom what he has learned from today’s show and there is the basis for their opinions.
Tonight’s phone conversation ventured into politics a tiny bit. All I can say is I firmly believe someone should pull the plug on Limbaugh’s show. He is hurting people like my mom and dad. They now think I cannot come visit because of some new rule Obama has made about not living in the country for ‘X’ amount of years! Or I have to convert to a Muslim before they will let me in. Some shit like that.

OK,, enough of that shit. Here’s what REALLY pisses me off. I read today that 3 Navy Seals are being charged with something because they ‘punched’ some asshole they captured who was involved in the torture, killing, dragging the body’s thru town, then hanging them from a bridge of some Blackwater employees in 2004!
America is so fucking obsessed with this ‘political correct’ shit it is un-real! This guy was behind the killings you all saw on T.V. where they hung the bodies from a bridge and danced and shit. And now since he was ‘punched’ these Seals are facing some possible trouble?
Granted, I believe the world is not so fucked up, yet, as to punish these Seals, but the fact remains there is a possibility!

Is it too late to salvage this post? Or is it shot all to hell now?
Let’s try.

Tomorrow we go to a neighbor’s house for turkey dinner. Notice I did not say which neighbor, but got-dammit I’m shooting some photos of the event! And most likely posting them on the blog. I have had it with political correctness.
Oops, I was going to knock it off.
Also,, Friday I go to the “Blessing of the Lagoon”. Photos there as well. But I think it’s too late to save the lagoon. It’s already a quarry.
Fuck,, here I go again with the negative shit. What’s with me? Maybe more beer?
OK,, tomorrow will be better.
Kiss my ass and call me Rosemary,,,


Sue W said...

Sweet post. Actually, beyond sweet.

Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

I couldn't agree more about all this fucking shit about political correctness.

Since I know you need to be politically correct on your blog, I don't. For all you folks in Mental Breach, the party is at Fred and Jacqueline's. See how politically fucking correct I am. I spelled Jacqueline's name proper. She was born In Morocco
with a proper French name. None of this Jackie shit like they say in the states. Well maybe I am somewhat politically correct once in a while.

Of course, I left the US to get away from all this fucking holiday crap. It seems all these Ex-Pats want to bring all this American Shit and customs here to Belize. I say go fucking somewhere else with all your American Bullshit.
And fuck Jesus Christ too. When I see the fucker, I'll believe all that crap in the bible.

sandy a said...

Hi Rosemary!
I dont think it's too late to save the Lagoon--hope springs eternal!
I concur with you on all other points. Rush Limbaugh's brain was fried by all the Rx drugs he did (and who knows what else)

Denise said...

Hi Bill - I feel your pain. I live in the bible belt, where fox news is also the gospel!!! Sounds like you need some cheering up. Have you seen Obama's Turkey Pardon?

RPM said...

Always with the negative waves Moriarty!

I agree with your assessment of Rush. You can throw Hannity, Beck and Sarah Warrior Princess in there as well.

I believe there is no way in hell a Seal Team will be punished for giving a cold blooded, murdering terrorist a bloody nose. Help us all if I am wrong.

Rabbitmoon said...

always baffled me when "foreingers (sp) would bring their US traditions here?????? Like Halloween.....yuck. Christmas was just one big party for two or three weeks. and you didn't have to be correct but say good day or good night as you passed someone. my two cents.

Carole said...

Cut your folks some slack. There is a huge gaggle of people who are doing the same thing, i.e. listening to and reading junk from political entertainers who make a living by being paid by print and broadcast businesses to bloviate. We have a sister/brother-in-law pair in New Orleans, both of whom have a mindset carved in granite and my husband becomes homicidal when the talking points drift into politics, and we have to hang up. They won't be around forever as nature takes its course.