Monday, November 23, 2009

Is it gettin cold up there?

Not only is the road going south completely paved but some other new renovations have taken place to make your stay here even more enjoyable.
To start with, our ‘webmaster’ (Mrs. Barn) created a new web site to update us from the old clunker we have been using for 10 years.
First she had to update herself to the new software, and we all know that old dog-new tricks saying. But it came out great. She has received all favorable comments about how easy it is to navigate and such. Lots of folks suggested more photos and as soon as time allows she says she will work on that.
It fits in with the rest of our operation. Nothing fancy-pants, just good.
Other seasonal improvements, all deck and beach chairs received new paint. I thought about the Barefoot girls as I was painting them.

Painting the chairs, not the Barefoot girls. And thinking about them painting all their chairs, not thinking what you think I was thinking! Geezz, do I really have to explain all this?
Wi-fi connection is now available as well.
We even got Lola to paint us a new sign! Good job Lola.

Now that little roof was another story, but I won’t bore you with that one.
And also, now the entire staff is on site to tend to your every need. No more are we divided with some other place.
All the same applies if not more.

K-9 security is in top shape, but sad to say his side-kick is no help WHATSOEVER.

So I think this is the first ever plug I have made for Barnacle Bill’s,, ain’t it?
Pass the word to your friends. When they get sick and tired of the cold winters up there, or if they just can’t take another minute of Sarah’s book tour coverage, send them here. A couple dozen Belikins later they will forget all about that shit.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog today! I especially liked the photo of Scurvy...K-9 security.

Julian in SC said...

I am surprised that Scurvy hasn't, with all that he has seen, found a dark enough night to fashion his escape to other places where they don't know his name... Sheez

Anonymous said...

I love the updated site for your cabana's love the part that say, "Our bungalows are ideal for couples and honeymooners. Each bungalow will sleep up to 3 comfortably" Nothing like a Ménage à trois on your honeymoon ;)

Drew Travers said...

Adriane... REALLY NICE JOB on the website. Great photos, and like the ease of navigation!

Anonymous said...

Well done, Adriane!

Anonymous said...

Been admiring the new sign for several weeks now. Brighten's up the joint. ooop sorry. Place.
Good Job.
and what's wrong with a

oh never mind.

RPM said...

I'm going to make it down there someday. It's on my bucket list.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Adriane! What a great website. Very easy to navigate. I am very proud of you, I know why you have been sooooooo busy.