Saturday, November 14, 2009

Separated at birth?

Wholey shit. I know it’s kinda creepy but hey, you gotta admit, Sarah Palin and I have allot of similarities.
The more I dig into the roots of this family tree, It's tough to tell who is the sap.
Just look at some of these coincidences.
She grew up in Alaska, I grew up in Colorado.
She played basketball in junior high, I would get stoned on the basketball court right before ditching the rest of the day.
She likes to hunt, kill, skin, and eat moose, I love moose chili (probably, never had any. But I do like buffalo)
She is married with a bunch of kids, I am married with a dog and cat.
She is religious, I am a devout atheist. (learning voodoo over an internet course)
She got into politics and was elected governor of Alaska, I joined a union and became shop steward.
She ran for V.P. and lost, I was up for the foreman job but lost.
She quit her job to pursue ‘other lofty avenues’, I quit my job to pursue downing Belikins in Belize.
She wrote had someone else write a book about her, I write a blog about stuff.
She is a total fucking idiot, and so am,,, hey, wait a minute!

So it would seem I am destined to write a book, go on tour, and rake in the dough.
Here is a sneak peak at the cover.

And as soon as you get a chance, check out the new Mad comics. Sarah playing “BlunderWomen”! Watch as she battles the evil David Letterman, and fends off the imaginary Death Panels.
(nice ass they gave her)


sandy a said...

HAHAHA THat is the funniest MAD cover, ever!!
I was hoping that Sarah Palin would go away, forever, but I guess that is not the case, unfortunately.

biff said...

I believe that Mon is the day for the Oprah/Palin swoon fest.

What time are the bleachers open???

Hey, if ya write a book, would you do Oprah?

Wilma said...

Yep, I'm absolutely gobsmacked by the similarities! You should be very, very worried ..., except, of course, about the making of millions off your blog.

Carole said...

They need to tweak the comic pictures a bit. She looks more like Tina Fey.

Anonymous said...

So who on Saturday Night Live will be playing you?

Anonymous said...

Are you sure Velveeta on the pole isn't Sarah Palin?


Rob Thurman said...

Hey mon, yu foget da gud luks!