Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We ain't gettin any younger,,, Whoops, UPDATED!

Hey, some new shit to blog bout. Nothing earth shattering like you have come to expect, but what the hell.
First up, check out the new mode-de-transport in The Breach!

Cool huh! He has adapted a small (48cc) two-stroke motor to a beach cruiser frame. Single speed, peddle start, some shit like 100 MPG’s, has a trailer and a small rack on the back.
Has begun a small production of them as we speak!

Don’t quote me on this, but if my beer soaked brain remembers right the asking price will be around 1500bz.

Now, I don’t know which drunken fuck who cannot find the proper settings on a simple camera took this shot, but you get the idea. I will try again soon.

Mrs. Barn stumbled on this jellyfish a few days ago. If we are goggling right it is a cabbage head jelly.
Big fucker, about 1 foot across.

Now for the BIG news. I, being as privileged as I am, have come across some actual photos of the ‘Women’s Night Poker Game’. OK, well they may not be actual photos but I was allowed to use the actual deck of cards they play with to ‘re-create’ the scene.
Now I have taken great pains to make this as accurate as I could, and with the exception of the firearm I believe it is close. Although,, there may be weapons there I don’t know.
Pay particular attention to the ‘style’ of cards they use.
Yep,, they’re over there playin poker with boner cards! WTF. Women don’t do that,, do they?
Mrs. Barn is the youngest one there and she ain’t exactly slowin down any.
Good for them. As long as the cops don’t show up, I’m Ok with it.
This all reminds me of something I heard recently.
Good advice for us creepin up in the years,,

Never pass up an opportunity to use the bathroom.
Never waste a hard-on.
Never trust a fart.

(click to imbiggen)

Whoa there big fella,,, you showed boner photos for the ladies, but you neglected your guy following. (talking to myself here)
Make it right Bro,,,
Here ya go,,

Whoooops,,,,wrong photo,,,

How's this?


What happens when all the blood leaves a man's brain.


RPM said...

Ye gads! I don't think drano and a wire brush will scrub that from my brain!

Yer a sick & twisted man, Bro. But that's why I keep reading.

Anonymous said...

So you are now saying that motorized cruiser doesn't have 4 wheels? Bummer.

sandy a said...

I am putting that picture of the XL women on my fridge to keep me out of it!

Julian in SC said...

Can you get that new fangled motorbike with optional trainer wheels?? I would assume that might be a factory installed item for the Beach Put-Put Cruiser.

Otherwise no one would make it home from the bars much less get a full 100 miles on one before it was a total wreck LOL...