Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh no,, more body parts?

OK, the poll is closed. The final tally has it that I will be uploading music again. I had a tough time believing 5 people wanted more fisting stories, then down to 4? Or any for that matter, well, maybe one person. But then I find out there may have been some cheatin goin on.
Just like the last U.S. election. I mentioned to a friend that we didn’t vote. He said “don’t worry, we voted 3 times each”. Just can’t trust this shit anymore. I’ll have to make some changes to the next poll. Fuckers.

Maya Beach Bistro re-opens tomorrow. I’m betting they have another banner season.
Free breakfast to the first customer in the morning. I was toying with the idea of going up there tonight with my lawn chair, cooler of beer and a blankey, but I would not wake up in time I’m sure.

Some of the female readers, (at least I hope they’re female!) have bitched about no men’s asses on the blog. Well, here ya go. Your weekly hunk. Don’t say I ain’t fair.

And to make sure I’m fair, here some boobs to balance things back out.

Your welcome.


When a womens boobs are too big and get in the way of completing a task.
A women reached for her stapler, but her boobstacles knocked over her water bottle which spilled all over her desk.


RPM said...

I hate to tell you but word of your portable stripper pole has leaked out and reached a fabricator in Texas. He mounted a 6 ft polished pole to the back of a Kawasaki Mule and took it to the Texas NASCAR race. I pitched in and backed my Suzuki Carry up to it so they could have a stage.

It attracted strippers like steel to a magnet!

I'm mounting one on my Carry for the next race. I do need a better photographer if you know of one...

Barnacle said...

uhhh Mrs. Barn,,, i gotta run up to texas, be back soon.


sandy a said...

Thanks for the hunk-o-licious!!! yum!

Anonymous said...

"Your weekly hunk"

That sounds delicious!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for equal access to visual stimuli :)


Anonymous said...

The Miss's says, and I quote; "IS THAT ALL WE GET TO SEE?"
Adrean, You gotta help the women here.

Shopgirl said...

In honor of Veterans Day tomorrow, I will salute him!
"I wonder if he will salute back?" (Did I just say that out loud?)