Monday, November 9, 2009

I gotta get out more,,,,,,

Weekend’s done. As usual, parties everywhere.
Mrs. Barn helped out at the humane society’s yard sale on Saturday, which I hear did very well.
Then the fundraiser for Sonny at Yoli’s.
I came down at noon and fed the crew burritos, and I brought FuzzNutts with me as I was told the vet clinic was slow so we could get him looked at as well. FuzzNutts has had just about all the problems a cat can have in his short life. Now he is getting skinny as hell, but he eats like a cow? We shoved a worm pill down his food hole a few days ago but he needed to see the Doc.
Doctor Bennet pried open his little yapper and said, “He got Gingivitas.” His gums were red and a bit swollen, he said it is very common.
All this time we felt he was eating good? I never thought to look at his teeth.
Anyway, he got some shots, some drugs and an appointment to have his teeth cleaned. All this cuts deeply into our beer money so we had to forgo on Sonny’s shindig. Sorry Sonny. I hear it was a success.

So as we hang out round ‘Chez Barnacle, we see lots of birds. We saw the woodpecker building the nest last week, and I believe there are eggs in there now. Then we had the 2 Black Hawks splashing in the pond. And then the daily parade of hummers.


Carole said...

And now you have to your resume cat-tooth-brushing!

bananavida said...

Thanks for the burritos, they were awesome Chef Barn.

dennis said...

Beauty is truth, truth is beauty, yada, yada, yada ...

Beautiful hummingbird pic, with all due respect (and appologies)to Yeats.