Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bitchin bout it will get you nowhere,,,,,

So, did anyone notice anything kinda weird or different in my posts lately? Did I seem overly defensive? Touchy maybe?
Well I was, somewhat. It all began when I mentioned fisting the Pope. Someone out there, who wishes to remain anonymous, must have taken offense to that. He/she began sending comments about what a moron I was for posting stuff like boob photos and sex activities. No offense ladies, but the very idea Anonymous thought it offensive made me believe it to be a women. Guys usually like that shit, I know I do.
And she kept saying how I support meth dealers and kidnappers?
I don’t know any meth dealers. I did know a couple who I found out later had used meth in their past, but I never heard they were dealing it.
And I knew a couple who snuck their own kid from state custody and tried to make a good life for themselves. But that’s the extent of my meth and nappin experience. Oh, wait, once in my younger years, I tried ‘crank’ which I believe is the same thing. Didn’t like it. By the way, in case you were wondering, I tried just about everything for a few years there. 1976 and the Navy snapped me out of that and taught me that beer is the answer to my problems! But that’s another story.
Next thing I know, while she was trying to manipulate me into writing some other type blog, I found myself baiting her with more rude, crude shit. Backfire on her.
This is my blog, I created it, I choose what to post. I really hope she lives up to her promise and leave me alone. Although it was kinda fun watching someone freak out reading something they had the opportunity not to. I hear some folks like the blog but skim over some of the weird shit. What a concept!
Only one has bitched and kept right on reading?
I have had to moderate the comments since she arrived all pissed off, sorry for any inconvenience. For some people, anonymity and an open mic are too tempting a combo.
Here is her last one where she says she quits, let’s hope so.

“Back to your Moronic posts I see. I give up. I thought you had more intelligence, but obviously I was mistaken. My bad. Have fun.”

So to Mrs. Anonymous I say “Adios, it’s been a real slice.”
Now, back to the ‘fun’!
Who wants boobs?

Oh alright, I want to be fair to the female readers,,,


RPM said...

That's why computers have an off switch. But, I could see you coming up with some kinda Clockwork Orange setup just for Anonymous.

sandy a said...

That's right! You go, Barn!! Of course, I read it for entertainment, and to see whassup on the Breach, but I know a lot of time that amounts to nuttin', so ya gotta fill in the downtime! I figure if someone doesn't like it, DON'T LOOK AT IT!!
Like people that bitch about one of my favourite sites, Now, some say it is cruel and unjust and I say "TURN THE CHANNEL, MORON"!!!
So you keep up the good work, and if something exciting happens in the Breach, I know you'll be the first one to let us know here!

Sue W said...

That must be you in the water, right? Back in your Navy days.

Wilma said...

Hope you keep posting, Barn. There are more of us that appreciate your highly developed sense of humor than that are offended by it.


Adriane said...

Thank you Barnacle. I really enjoyed that view of that wash up on the beach!
Mrs. Barn

Anonymous said...

My Mom used to hate a local radio talk show host my father listened to. 10 years after my fathers passing, Mom still bitch about the talk show host. lolol, I told Mom to change the radio station. Oh know can't do that, " I can't stand him" lololol and that's a quote.
Don't change a thing.
the missis loves your blog now. lol Thanks ;-))))

biff said...

So this means that you are now censoring the comments......

Pick and choose, huh.

Voting! I admire the way that the voting was done on the last survey.

Most voting, you vote and that is it, You are stuck with your vote.

But under this system, you could keep changing your vote -- that way if you see you were voting for the loser, you could quickly change your vote for the winner --

Maybe you could set it up the Diebold route and change a lot of votes....

Belizean Beach Bums said...

Welcome back Barn, we have been waiting for you.

To whoever doesn't like this blog, poor you, your loss for having no sense of humour.


cayegirl said...

Could you get that guy on the beach to turn over please?

Thor said...

It never ceases to amaze me how brave people get when they are "anonymous". I think that if you googled anonymous the true definition would be "chickenshit"!! Keep up the good work Barn, I love a good laugh and some of your shit is hilarious!
Spell check this bitch(anonymous, the bitter one, that is)!!!And by the way, those comments are only for the "anonymous" users that use that to hide their identity so that they can spew their hateful, judgemental crap. If you are not one of these, please do not take offense!

Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

All I can say to all those out there that have a problem with your blog is to fuck off.

Personally, I think you do a great job and are an asset to the Mental Breach community by keeping us informed about the current events, activities, etc. I don't see anyone else doing anything.

Keep up the great work with all those cuties. Remember, I am always available to assist in live shoots, specializing in prepping the female models.

Rob Thurman said...

Super site. Wish I'd spotted followed it before. Keep it up!

Graffice said...

Great Boob shot Barn!!

Tani said...

I have shared a many of your shots with my fellow men~~I am still a female! Love it all...and what happened to not going to the site that offends you anny. Now that is stupid as stupid does. Thanks for including us chicks with the wash up (Adrian's words!). Your follower.