Thursday, October 29, 2009

TreeTop, Speedbump,, they're both in town!

TreeTop’s in town! Along with Tree came Branch, his son. Now we know from years of experience that this will provide some stories. Says he’s staying awhile too.

Lots of speedhumps in the Breach. The kind on the road. And it appears they have marked off for another one between us and the ‘S’ curve south of us. Which is good because they can get up a full head of steam before the hump in front of the store, and man-o-man do they ever! It’s like the drivers are pissed off because they can’t do whatever speed they want anymore so they race from hump to hump? Only to hit the worst part of the road as soon as they leave the Breach. Then it’s 15 miles of hell.
Oh well,, I don’t understand some most people.

And to clear a couple things up. In a post recently I titled ‘I almost got stabbed,,,’ it turns out there was some type of ‘incident’ in the Breach and someone saw a pile of blood being scooped up. But rest assured, I was not there. I am pretty sure my barroom knife fighting days are behind me. It was just a coincidence I posted that on the day in question. When I say I either was or was almost stabbed, you can bet it was Mrs. Barn poking holes in me with her spork. That’s as exciting as it gets now-a-days.

And, since I really bothered someone when I mentioned fisting and the pope in the same sentence, I have gotten quite a few hate mails and comments.
To this person I wish to say, get out now while your only minor offended. It could will get worse!
There are over 8 bazzillion blogs out there. Go find a different one.


Rhymes with 'stroll', it refers to a style of fishing where a baited line is drawn in front of fish hoping that one will bite. The person doing this is a Troller.
The analogy to a baited message hoping for bites is obvious.

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Julian in SC said...

Great picture of the Troller! Any family resemblance must just a coincidence, huh?