Thursday, October 29, 2009

Karma,, I believe in it.

So, you think the economy sucks up north eh. You should see the effects it has on us! Not only are the tourist not traveling but people are becoming cutthroat about it. When one of the swanky-est joints in town drops their rates to below ours,, how do you compete with that? I’ll tell you how, we keep on doing what we do, just more of it. Here at Chez’ Barnacle we offer the best value for your buck and we intend to even improve on that. You get the personal care here you want, or we leave you the hell alone, your choice.
Don’t expect anything fancy here, beyond having a case of beer chillin in the fridge when you arrive. But we also don’t put on ‘airs’, or whatever the word is either.
We are just not that type operation or that type people. We provide good vacations for those who are of like mind and we do it well.

Eight years ago we got into business with some folks to manage their similar operation. It’s a long and very interesting story how that came about, but I will spare you for now.
We jokingly referred to this property as Barnacle Bill’s North. Eight years we managed it for the owners.
Then, suddenly last Saturday we got our termination letter.

Dropped like an empty Belikin bottle.

You always hear about the big corporations who are not making the profit they want, so they fire the guy from the mailroom. Must be his fault. Well, this is similar.

But, there are not going to be any ‘fuck you’ posts (other than this one), to discredit their business.
We had to lay off the girl who helped Mrs. Barn clean and we can no longer afford to keep our yard man/general worker employed.
To me it’s all good. When one door closes, a new better one opens.

So, Mrs Barn and I, more her than me, are actively seeking employment.
I intend to One, finish the stripper pole bike, or more favorably, become a gigalo. (no fisting)

Seriously tho,,
We are open to suggestions.

Oh, and by the way, I just made THE BEST pizza on the peninsula! So there.

Smackdown of the Gods

I kicked a cat the other day . . . today a giant sabertooth from the depths of hell bit me.


sandy a said...

Sounds like it's about time to open that business venture we discussed on the empty lot you own across the road. Or any of the other ideas I have bouncing around in my head!
But.....if there aren't any people's hard to make money off imaginary people!!

Carole said...

Breaking news - according to official sources, Belize is now in a recession.

Julian in SC said...

Well, join the crew. We're at 12% unemployment up here in South Carolina. For some reason I have not been asked to retire early --- yet! We did just get the new plant to build the 787 Dreamliner for Boeing, but that is at the other end of the state. All we got up here is BMW... but that is huge.

Still think you might get into more "fixin" stuff, you know, like appliances or cars. I put in a good word for you with Dave Rider yesterday -- hope that helps. *grin*

Seriously, would love to come pay a paying visit but I've used up all my vacation for the year. So we'll see about next year.

Hang in there, Barn!!

Anonymous said...

I've heard the Day Labor truck picks a crew up about 6am @ jesus is lord......

every other weekend off -- or more....

Here is one.....

Looking for an experience tenor air brake operator --- wahhhhhhhh wahhhhhh wuhhhhh......fill in at first on days off.....

Brian said...

turn into a lobster fisherman or start some clam or oyster beds and sell ur stuff locally?? Or is there already to much of that goin on to compete? I am no expert but i hope all ideas help.

Anonymous said...

I met these people once. First impressions were not very favorable.
I understand how they would be happier if they were associated with a fancier place than yours. They seemed to be that type.
You two will do just fine, I can tell.

A Neighbor

Graffice said...

So will you have to leave the breach?

Barnacle said...

no,, and besides, where would we go?
just a new chapter beginning,,,,

sandy a said...

I'm tellin ya, You need to set up that drive-thru (walk-up)!!