Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yes, I can fix things,,,

The time comes in everyone’s life where the car breaks. When you don’t have the luxury of just driving the thing to the nearest repair joint, then you have to do it yourself.
I have not had that luxury very much in my life and certainly not since I came to Belize.
I have a pretty good handle on the mechanics of basic cars, motors and such. I am very good with motorcycles if I do say so myself! And I picked up on outboards real quick as they are just either motorcycle or car motors just flipped on their side. I can adjust.
Now, working conditions plays a huge part in repairing these things. My shop can handle a MC or and outboard but to work on a vehicle in the sand driveway really sucks. Ever drop a greased wheel bearing in the sand? But I digress.
I had to replace the CV joint boots on the driver’s side of the front axle. Ordered the stuff up and got jiggey wit it.

About 3 hours to pull the half-shaft axle (cause I forgot how to do it), lots of sweat, and coffee. But once out I got it rebuilt and re-installed in half the time.
Someone stopped by during this while I had the half shaft in my hand explaining what I was doing, and they said “you can do this?” I didn’t know how to respond. Well,, oh, forget it.

Bummer is I see that I now need to do the other side half-shaft too.
But this post is just filler for some upcoming shit anyway so don’t pay much attention to it.


sandy a said...

you are a man of many talents!!
At least you won;t ever starve, 'cuz there are a lot of people out there who can't do mechanicking! (I don't think that is a word....)

Barnacle said...

sandy,, if you think i'm working on other vehicles you are sorely misinformed!
not till i cannot afford to buy beer will that happen.
bikes, outboards, maybe,,,

Anonymous said...

Can I make an appointment for my clutch and universal joints? I can pay you in beer's. Word is out you do good work. Your gonna need a secratary soon from what I hear.

Brian said...

Barn Did i see alot of sweat and COFFEE ?? I bet ur beer is jealous!

aimless said...

serviced by Barnacle. sounds great. a new calling. competition for that other dude Doran