Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A three hour tour,,,,

Well I’ll be dammed. We got some business!
We were alerted to 3 travelers (can’t say who) who were to work the way down here from Caye Caulker by boat and arrive here Tuesday. OK, we get everything ready. Raked the property, cleaned the cabana, new sheets and towels, cleaned the truck (as I expected to go get them from the point), hell, I even washed the dog!
But Tuesday morning when I phoned up the only charter boat from C.C that I know about, they told me the trip was canceled due to weather.
Well shit, there goes that tiny bit of income.
So we only half wrote them off as there could be other charter we don’t know about.
Then round 1900 the phone rings.
“We just sailed past Maya Beach and should be at the point in about an hour, we’ll take a cab.”
Allrighty then, better late than never.
Then round 2100 the phone rings.
“We ran aground and started sinking. Now we can find no cabs.”
“I’ll come get you.”
Story is,, their illustrious captain (won’t say his name either) overshot Placencia and found some sort of rock/coral/sandbar/thing to hit. They got un-stuck but were taking on water at a pretty good rate. While all 3 passengers and 1 of the crew were bailing, they found another boat to tow them in.
When I got there they were very wet, tired, wound-up, but overall in good shape. They had some vodka and OJ with them and immediately upon hitting the shore found some beer. So it could have been worse!
I hear the boat owner is trying to patch his hull right now.
Welcome to Belize!

Bad decisions make good stories

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Anonymous said...

I thought the "new" Captains license was so this sort of thing doesn't happen. Maybe that wasn't the reason??