Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You might be a redneck if,,,,

A few days ago, when you goggled ‘devil’s taint’, this site was the first to pop up!
It’s not anymore but there was some proud moments for me there I tell ya!

Here are some recent photos from the Casa. The momma and her babies are still in lockdown as I ponder all the methods of murder I can bring upon them.

This lit with a blacklight.

I was not aware that geckos were not afraid of bats. But as I was shooting I kept hoping a bat would chomp a gecko’s head off! You can see one under the wing on the right.
(click to imbiggen)

Mrs. Barn was bustin my balls about ‘not applying myself’ when I said I wanted to be invisible.
So,, I’m working on it,,,

With all this rain we have had our ‘basement’ flood twice. That’s where the washer and dryer live.
So we figgered that since we are not in the shape to raise the entire property, we should at least raise the machines. It’s my vats, they overflow and I have not come up with a way to divert the ecesss away from the house yet.
So, I go and buy some cement blocks. We raised up the machines 10 inches, just like any good hillbilly would. Problem solved,, we hope.

Check out this photo of a hot-rod. (plucked from flickr) It’s a combonation of 2 photos. One with the hood up, and one with it down. Then he combined them in photoshop.

Can you imagine the demand for this among the hot-rodders? I need to try this,, on something other than my squirrel powered Hilux.

I think the freezer deserves a light as well.


Anonymous said...

Barn: If you have a well you can divert the vat overflow into it...a nice neat solution.

RPM said...

Scorpions freak me right the hell out. I had one crawl up my pants leg once. Stung me 13 times before I could get my pants off and I was trying really hard to be quick about it.

Wilma said...

The scorpion photos rule! I would hate for you to dispatch them to the afterlife, though. Can you set them free somewhere that they won't bother you or anyone else?

My favorite shot is the one of the bat with the wings spread wide at the banana with the gecko. I especially like that the gecko has its tongue out.

Keep working on that invisible thing; you are almost (not)there.

Belizean Beach Bums said...
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Anonymous said...

OMG!! I hate scorpions and never knew this how they carry the babies. I hope you disposed of them for good. I have only seen a couple in our house and never hope to see one with babies!!