Thursday, October 8, 2009

Don't get yer panties all in a bunch,,,

The end is near, I shit you not! The end of the world I mean. Surely you have heard of the Maya calendar that stops in December of 2012,, well I have some documented truth to that factoid. I want to start livin like it was 2011! I mean we best have some fun now cause it ain’t going past 2012.
First thing that caught my eye was the expiration date on a can of wieners on my shelf, “best if used by December 2012”. OK what’s that tell ya?
Then, rooting thru the safe and I glance at the expiration dates on our passports,, you got it, December 2012! Won’t bother renewing them.
Drivers license,, expires on your birthday 2012. I mean this shit is getting creepy now! It’s like they (Mayan’s) have got it out for me. Is it just me or does everyone else’s shit expire then as well?

As I ponder that shit, we have some new folks in town. None brand new but returning players in the continuing saga that is Coconuts.
Mike and Bonnie just left here awhile ago heading south. They be here about a short week but it looks to be at least one drunken mess!

Another returning player is Dale. He has been stateside since May fercrissakes! He picked right up where he left off doing laundry for folks,,, and mixing up some skivvies. OK,, he has been out of the loop for awhile but I am not going to pass up the chance to post some photos of someone’s under britches on the blog!
I, have in the past pissed off some folks by what I write and post here and I have been more careful as of late.
But fuck a whole bunch of that shit,,, lets play a game. Lets play ‘guess who’s panties are these?’ See if I can piss someone off.
I can’t give any clues as I don’t even know. They came back mixed in with our guest’s laundry and they turned them into the lost and found desk.
So, who’s gonna get pissed at me for this? Go ahead,, I can take it.
Hey,, at least I didn't post the shots of them on my head!

The letters T and G are very close to each other on a keyboard. This recently became all too apparent to me and consequently I will never be ending an email with the phrase "Regards" again.


Anonymous said...

WEll, if I do recognize any, I ain't sayin.
They aren't mine.

Belizean Beach Bums said...

Why don't you have a yard sale and see who shows up to buy them?


Anonymous said...

If nobody claims them, you can donate them to the PHS Flea Market fundraiser being held November 7th, at the basketball courts in the village. What do ya think?? LOLOL And you think you get into trouble...I may be after this post!!