Saturday, October 31, 2009

Caution, Construction Zone,,

Got some shit happnin. On a few fronts. But in the meantime I am doing some construction on the site. First, my music player is ‘tit’s up’. It’s a lot of effort to upload music to their server and add to the blog. Is it worth it? I added a survey on the right side to get an idea if any of you use it.

And it looks like we may have some babies round here! Woodrow and Wilma Woodpecker have made a nest. You know what that means!

“Ara! Onara suru tsu-mori datta keh-do, un-chi ga de-chatta.”

The literal Japanese translation of this useful phrase is “Oops! I meant to fart but poop came out”.

Saying this useful phrase never gets old, especially in public places, especially on a first date and most especially if it’s clearly one of only 10 Japanese phrases that you’ve memorized.

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Anonymous said...


Please be careful when driving the Penninsula Road. we have a new traffic hazard.

As most of you know by now, Treetop
is in town. He has purchased a 1985 Grey Nisson pick-up to drive around.

Anyone who knows Treetop, knows he is as wacky as those two woodpeckers.

Just be careful when you see him out on the road driving. No telling what he has been up to or doing.