Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm in a slump. A deep, dark, slump,,,

Time for a wee bit of a road update. We are now paved up to Spam’s house. Or in case you don’t remember Spam, purty much to the ‘bowling alley’.
Now I am reliably told that once they reach the north Maya Beach sign they are ceasing for the rest of the wet season. They will concentrate on the really shitty parts from M.B. to the junction. Then,, when they return to pavement work, they will start at the junction and work south. Why? I don’t know. But I’m sure they have good reasons,, right?

Another new chiney store in the village. Nang Kee, or close to that. Down where Olga’s used to be, next to the new chiney restaurant Yummy Yummy Pizza(?) the store was spotless, new, friendly and well stocked. We found 2 turkey breasts! Me,, with 2 breasts, one in each hand!
I cooked one up today and the smells were driving the dog and cat NUTS! Both hanging round the oven the whole time. I pulled it out once (turkey breast, you pervs) and gave them a little tidbit. Then they really went whack-o. I looked down once and the dog was butt-humpin the cat! What’s that chemical in turkey,, pheromone or some shit. Well it must affect animals a bit differently than us. After a nice big turkey dinner, I may sneak off to hump Mrs. Barn’s leg, but I am asleep in 15 seconds. With a spork in my arm.

The last few nights as we sit on the DoubleWide knockin back cold ones, we have seen this bug. First night he was dancing and we shot a video of it. It’s on facebook somewhere. I don’t know if it’s a praying mantis or a walking stick? He hangs out where the bat bananas are along with a herd of geckos. I was hoping to see a battle roy-al between the bug and a gecko but they leave each other alone. But he has been back each night since. He is not afraid of me and seems somewhat aggressive! And when he gets near a gecko he pops out into this shape.

And on the legal side of things, we have news from Florida about Steve and Trina.
Seems they both got slapped with 7 years each along with some probation time afterwards.
That’s a long time! I feel bad for them as I can personally point to many other real scumbags who are more deserving of their place in the prison chow line! Hell, some of them are right here!
I wish them luck and Steve,, don’t drop the soap!!

Was learning cursive really necessary?


Anonymous said...

The bug looks like a praying mantis but I have never seen one that is pretty.

Well I find the situation with Steve and Trinia horrible. It is sad and 7 years is along time in the slammer.


sandy a said...

thats a praying mantis. We had one deeking out the bummingbirds on our hummingbird feeder one time--it was pretty cool!

Janed said...

Barnacle - Regarding the road paving, by "junction" do you mean Riversdale or the Southern Hiway intersection? Thanks for the update

Anonymous said...

They are paving up to Bella Maya tonight. They are working from the Sourthern Hwy in now. They are working on the part between BAL and the Banana farm cut off. Lots is going on. They are putting in culverts where they thought they didn't need one. lolol I had to bitch a ton to get the water down in our area. One culvert did the trick.
Sorry for Steve and Trina. We all make mistakes and have to deal with them. Hope they can keep their sanity. Because they have a beautiful daughter and I hope she will understand this some day. So sad for her.

Brian without Jasmin said...

You can get a smaller sentence killing someone. Just sounds like a unfair sentence doesn't it.