Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shhhh,, I'm invisible!

A couple days ago I saw Mrs. Barn checking out my ‘light’ project. She walked away shaking her head, “Dumb-ass” I heard her mumble.
I had an idea and she came in during it’s infancy stage, what did she expect?
I tell her that being a ‘Dumb-ass’, like invisibility, is a skill that must be mastered. And her reply was that I said it was a ‘skill’ not a ‘born talent’, and since I have not mastered the invisibility thing yet “I must not be applying myself, as usual". And when she said 'as usual' she lifted her eyebrow and stared at all the dishes in the sink.

I hate it when my lightweight drinking buddies get so drunk I can barely see them.


RPM said...

You need to watch Mystery Men. Invisibility only works when nobody is looking.

Anonymous said...



Sue W said...

Men of innovation and genius are often ridiculed.