Sunday, September 27, 2009

I cried hot tubs of tears over you,,, I can't eat a bite of toe fu,,,

Wholly shit! Some sort of resemblance to blue sky is out there! It has been raining here for a week,, maybe more.
But still some shit was a happenin.
There was yet another parade. Although it was on a rain delay for a few hours.
And no, I did not attend this one. (You don’t have to hit me in the head with a hammer.)
We had some friends show up for a few days, and no I cannot tell you who they were, what they did, or where they went either.
There was a national holiday and a not so national one.
The parade was for Independence Day. And the un-official one was ‘talk like a pirate day’.
This has to be one of the dopiest ideas I have heard. Arrrgh,, me hearties? Gimmi a break.
But what’s weird is our Jewish friends declared the same day Rosh Hashana? Did they not research this?
Maybe next year they will move the date a day so’s not to conflict with the pirate speak.
I ran these song lyrics thru the pirate speak translator to see what we get.

From the late, great, Country Dick Montana,,

“I’m tired of sittin round this chicken shit hell,
Gonna hit the bar gonna drink my fill.
I’m givin you exactly one minute,
to find a clean dress and get yer ass in it.
Cause I’m getting drunk with or without you.”

And heres how BlackBeard would sound,,,

Aye, i'm tired sittin' round this chicken shit hell.
gonna hit the bar gonna drink my fill.
i'm gi'in' you exactly one minute,
t' find a clean dress and get yer ass in it.
cause i'm gettin' loaded t'the gunwales, with or without you.

Like I said,, lame.
I couldn’t find the Jewish translator.

On the photo scene, it has been very dull. I have resorted to shooting bugs and nails. NAILS fercrissakes!

The bug tho is a ‘HOTWORM’. And for those of you who don’t know, NEVER TOUCH ONE! Fuck they hurt! For days too!

Booze may not be the answer, but it helps you to forget the question.


Anonymous said...

Don't be messin' with rusty nails, either!

sandy a said...

I think we should combine "Talk like a Pirate Day" with Yiddish in honour of ROsh Hoshannah!!
"aarrgh, ya blaggard! A broch tzu dir!!!"

cayegirl said...

Those worms hurt like hell! I found that putting ice on it immediately helps shorten the pain time considerably. The worst was when one got me on the underside of my upper arm - tender area!