Monday, September 28, 2009

Our blind cat never visits the neighbors,,,

More publication news on the home front.
Awhile back Mrs. Barn got a note from someone wanting to use a photo of hers in an upcoming issue of a German magazine. Die Brucke

They wanted this shot of the Mennonite crossing sign outside Belmopan (I think).

She gave her permission and they sent her a copy of the magazine.
So we have now both been officially published! WHOD-A-THUNK-IT!

Poor Scurvy. He’s bored with no visitors to play with. This morning I got a phone call from a neighbor. (can’t tell you which one)
Ring ring,
Me: Yellow.
Neighbor: Hey, I was in the shower when I heard something. I came out and saw Scurvy standing at my screen door barking?
Me: Oh, I think he has learned that from our guests who cook here. If you run that thru the doglish-to-english translator, it will portably come back as ‘hey, cook me some bacon,NOW’.
Neighbor: Well fuck him, I ain’t cooking him no bacon. He don’t look like he is missing any Alpo.”

A short time later I phone up the same secret neighbor.
Ring ring,,

Neighbor: yeah..
Me: Scurvy said to tell you thanks.
Neighbor: I didn’t give him anything.
Me: Well he just came home with a tortilla in his yapper!
Neighbor: I think I saw him heading towards ********’s house.
Me: Yeah, he’s made his rounds this morning. I'm going to install Onstar on him so's I can track his wheres-abouts.

And as he walked by me I heard a bark that I recognize as "Leeme alone, I gotta go pinch out a grumpy."

Fuckin mutt,,,

Let’s weigh the pros and cons. Getting high on life keeps you clearheaded and doesn’t impair your judgment.
I can’t think of any pros.


sandy a said...

COngrats to Adriane! That's too cool!

Belizean Beach Bums said...

CONGRATULATIONS Adriane. Nice to see when someone appreciates your talents. (Just one of many)!!!

Sharyn and Bob

Anonymous said...

Super Duper to Adrian and congratulations for being published. Also tell Scurvy I have a super duper pooper scooper...


Brian and Jasmin said...

Way to go Adriane. U guys both take some excellent pics. Scurvy is sure quite the character. Doesn't sound like he is makin u guys better friends with the neighbours. Oh well Long live Scurvy!!