Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fire that prick up,,,,

I’m not all that easily impressed. It usually takes some doing. But here are a few things that have come along recently that make me stand back and say, “Fuck, good idea!”

Bottles of beer, no explanation needed here.

Taco shells. What a great way to shove cooked animal and beans into your face!

Stripper poles, duh.

Sporks. A perfect upgrade to the daily eating utensil. But when in the wrong hands, can become a formidable weapon. Just ask Mrs. Barn.

Digital film and those zip drive thingy’s. Regular film was such a pain, and this just gets better and better.
And now the zip sticks are up to 64gb and beyond! Boggles my feeble mind.

ipods, all that music reliably stored and played on something as small as,, well, an ipod. Amazing.

And now the charcoal chimney! A friend (can’t tell you who) brought us one of these after we were overheard bitching about Belizean charcoal.

In case you don’t know, Belizean charcoal is, charcoal. Not the perfect little briquettes of mass produced, computer designed clumps of who-knows-what that you are used to like Kingsford.
Nope, Belizean charcoal is the real deal. It looks like a house burnt down and they shoveled a bunch of the burnt timbers into a sack. Kinda like burnt up 2x4’s. like most some things in Belize, it works OK eventually, just different. This would take a lot of lighter fuel to get it blazing. And after busting them down in size, I look like a coal miner after a weeks in the mines.
Well low and behold. Someone thunk up the idea of the chimney.
Crumple up 2 pages of the Placencia Breeze into the bottom chamber and load the top up with your burnt timbers. Torch the paper and viola’, in about the time it takes to suck down a couple beers, you have glowing red/white coals!

I’m impressed! No fuel but still the fun of a real BBQ, not that phony, yuppie, I'm-in-such-a-hurry-I-can't-drink-2-beers-I-need-to-eat-now gas shit. Nope, tilt one back and enjoy life I say.
What the fuck will they think of next?

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him consent to bestiality porn.


sandy a said...

Looks like it works pretty well!!

Ruthie said...

Atta way Barn! A chimney is the ONLY way to fire up the charcoal. Art has given away more charcoal chimneys than we can count!

RPM said...

That's why donkeys have the market cornered.

ESVA said...

Hey Barn,
Screw the burnt timbers altogether! This works like a charm.

Anonymous said...

OB says to put a little veggy oil or bacon grease on the paper, and you only have to waste one piece of your breeze, and it starts even quicker!
We sure love our chimney!!!