Monday, September 28, 2009

How 'bout some pizza and beer to go with that new baby?

A big improvement in the weather. Drying up nicely now. And that’s a good thing. It’s so fucking wet round here with the puddles and ponds around, even Scurvy’s toes were pruned!
There are some long time ex-Placencia residents returning for a visit soon. I can’t tell you who, for how long, where they will stay, or what they will do, but it should be a HOOT! (this new ‘politically correct’ shit is wearin on me)
Here’s a short story from years ago.
There was a bar at the end of a pier. The guys could just dangle their dingy over the side when they needed to test the water’s temp, so to speak. But the ladies had to walk all the way to the beach where there was a bathroom. So a certain amount of bitchin and complaining was heard.
Then the ‘owner’ installed a bench so the ladies could sit down and whizz, right where they guys did.
Not good enough. Still complaints of no privacy.
So the owner took it one step further. He put a paper bag near the bench so the ladies could put it on their head for some privacy! Problem solved!
Hint: yep,, those ex-bar owners are the ones returning!

Someone is watching for variations on the stripper bike. They sent me this modified bike that is set up for pizza and beers!

Now, the idea may be solid in it’s basics, but there is no way I would peddle two 16 gallon kegs around on a bike! Them things are heavy.
The little pizza warmer is cool tho.

Speaking of pizza. I have always said that pizza is a personal thing. Some like Domino’s, others have their favorites. But there is no one BEST pizza. Like beer, the best one is the one in your hand.
But a new place has sent out an email proclaiming their pizza to be the BEST on the peninsula?
First time they even announced they made pizza and it is already the BEST? Turns me off right there.
There are lots of very good pizza’s being made here. I happen to believe mine to rank right up there. The best? No way, just one of my many favorites.
Now when I start making these ‘meat babies’, they will be the best! Why? Because they will be the only ones being made, duh! So until there is some competition, these will be the best.

And when you hear me say that Mrs. Barn and I “have one in the oven”, this is what we are referring to.
And if I say ‘we have a baby in the oven’, don’t freak out and call the cops. A good chance it is made from ground beef and has pickle eyes and a bacon diaper.


1. Most people in California.
2. Someone who claims their pizza to be the best.


Anonymous said...

Ya really do have too much time on yer hands!!!!

Drew Travers said...

Here's a couple of "very good" maybe not the best pizza versions...
Eldon's on the BBQ

Julian in SC said...

I like the Meat Baby... but is that a Starbucks Cup sitting beside it??

I saw this sign in a local Roasting Company's coffee shop:

Friends don't let friends drink Starbucks!!


Jim M. said...

I remember that bar.
Was it called Tenticles?
Wow, that was long time ago, but I thought the owner still lives in Placencia?
BTW: Does meat baby poop out little tiny sausages?