Tuesday, September 8, 2009

News at 11:00? probably not.

In keeping with the pole dancing theme, I have been working on a mockup model for the mobile stripper pole.
Oh yes there are bugs to be worked out but I am certain that with enough beer it can be done!
Although,, Mrs. Barn is getting a bit pissed bout all the time I spend with this. She has gone so far as to tell me she poisoned something in the fridge! But won’t tell me what!! It can’t be the beer,, right?
She was a little whizzed off when she saw me cutting up one of her ‘polishing’ rags to put clothes on my stripper because her union sic-ed their lawyer on me for some sex discrimination shit.
I hate being ‘correct’.
Which brings up another subject. We went to a beach party this weekend but because of the new guidelines that have been laid down on me, I cannot tell you where the party was, who was there, what was bbq-ed, what was drank, or if it was any fun.
This because of the new style the blog has to take to avoid lawsuits, pissing people off.
Yep,, and from now on, if anyone does have a problem, concern, complaint, bitch, suggestion, idea, or whatever, DO NOT bring it to Mrs. Barn! She has no influence over this blog at all,, ‘cept when she poisons something in the fridge.
But I can spread this tidbit of gossip and feel relatively safe, it rained hard the other night!

Back to the strippers,,

Yes I did have to tie her hands to the pole. She did not want to stay up there by herself.
And yes some of the crowd at strip shows have green hair.

This post is either brilliant or it makes no sense at all, I’m too drunk to tell and will probably erase it in the morning. So,, if you want to confess all your sins, tonight, this would be the place to do it.

Could you inject antifreeze into a Italian sausage?
I bet Einstein never had these problems,,,,,


Julian in SC said...

You sure that you are only on beer and not One Barrel Barn? I hate the muzzling of the press though and hope the blogger's union (that's you) can work out something in your next contract that allows you to get us "the story" -- please tell 'em that winter is coming and we need to increase our daydreaming soon!


Belizean Beach Bums said...

We love it....

Kraig and Barbara said...