Thursday, September 10, 2009

Everybody loves a parade. Me? Not so much,,,,

Sept 10th, ’09. HOLIDAY!
Big parade in the village. Things I learned from attending this parade.
First thing you should remember about a parade is that there will be an entire SHITLOAD of kids!
Weren’t expecting that were ya? Well, yes and no, but wholly shit that’s a bunch of kids!
Mind you I don’t have some sort of affliction towards ‘little people’, hell, I love midget strippers!
But I have never been too keen around kids. There sticky and smell funny.
We decided against kids about 20 years ago. Between her deviled eggs and my demon seed, we thought we ought not. You can thank us later.
But I digress, I had to check out this parade and since Mrs. Barn has been down for 3 days with Swine Dengue, I went by my own bad sef down there to brave all the elements.
It all started at the ballfeild at 1000,, my ass. At 1100 I was still bumping round trying to avoid the beer stall. Fuck it, get a beer and wait some more.
Finally they get going. A big truck with the young ‘hotties’ in it while everyone dances along behind is what it all revolves around.
I was encouraged to jump up in the truck to ride with the ‘hotties’, as has happened throughout my life, but I declined. Instead I tried to walk ahead and shot back at the oncoming crowd, like any good ‘event’ photog would. But when I got to Radi’s place, I looked to the right and saw Barefoot Beach Bar.
And like any good ‘event’ photog would, I realized my photo opps were not going to change much if I followed these kids for the next few miles in the glaring heat, but there may be some bikini clad tourist at BFBB just dying for a photo session. What would you do?
Exactly, I hung a right so fast the parade marshal (like they have one) was overheard saying ‘ what the fuck just happened?” and the next thing I know, Elvin was handing me a cold beer and saying “Dude, you look like you just seen an entire SHITLOAD of kids?”
Anyfuckinwho, heres you photos of the morning. I’m drunk, and there were no bikini's at the bar,, FUCK!

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Anonymous said...

totally with ya on the kids thing--about 34 years ago, when I was 13, that the kids thing definitely WASN'T for me!! How did I decide this? BABYSITTING!! I figured the only way I could be around kids is to get paid for it!! And paid GOOD!!!