Saturday, August 8, 2009

Shit I come up with when there ain't nothing else,,,

Sarah Palin is officially out of office. It's about time. She can finally stop dicking around with Alaska and get started on that cure for cancer. What? You don't think she can do it just because she's stupid even when compared to other women? It's such a stereotype that huge idiots aren't smart. She's going to show you all when she writes her book: "Moose 'n Other Things I Dun Kilt."

By now we have all heard bout the “Ladies Nights’ that take place. Once a week the neighborhood women gather at a house of their choice and do women shit. Nobody knows what that shit is as it is a closely guarded secret. Hell, for all I know there could be a secret handshake or something to be let in the door. Maybe something that includes boob-bumpin? I’m sure MythBusters will do a segment about Ladies Night soon and maybe we can get some answers.

Oh,, and this photo is NOT of the Ladies Night crew. No-sir-ee, I know Mrs. Barn leaves our house with a fully stocked cooler each week!

In the meantime, heres a challenge for you. Try real hard, really, really hard, squint if you need to. But see if you can spot the Canadian in this group of hotties! I know, it’s tough but look again. See her? Keep lookin.


sandy a said...

I think its the one on the end!!! Arent all Canadians blonde??? The one in the middle has to be England.

RPM said...

That gal sticks out like Sara Palin at a Mensa meeting.

Barnacle said...

ha ha ha ha ,,, good one!