Sunday, August 9, 2009

Anderson Cooper,,, Geraldo,, Jerry Springer ain't got shit on me,,,

They bypassed Cnn, Fox News, all the major networks for ME!
The Coconut Telegraph!
I, by the grace of Elvis, was allowed into the hallowed ground known as Ladies Night!
Yep, you heard me right. I gained the exclusive rights to not only attend but to photograph the super secret goings on at a house on the lagoon! Me, not CNN, not ABC, NBC, ME!
I can only reveal a few things that took place without ruining my good standing with the women, but understand I was only there to take photos!
Things I learned.
#1. Don’t lean your head into their room and shout “Hey Bitches, which one of you old hides is gonna bring me a beer?”
#2. Get yer shit done and get out!


sandy a said...

great pics!! All the gyals look like their havin' a good time!!

Kraig and Barbara said...

Wish I was there...