Friday, August 21, 2009

Been peddelin my ass round town,,,,

Times are hard. We all know that. Each of us is dealing with it in their own way. Some have the luxury of just continuing on as if nothing ‘s wrong. Some made cutbacks, some made serious changes.
Last night’s conversation turned to money. As we are beginning our toughest slow season yet, we are thinking of ways to bring in a few bucks. Plus, we want to pick up a couple beach cruisers now that the road is paved.
When I made the statement, “Adriane, you can stab me with knives, you can beat me with clubs, you can make me open my eyes when we're having sex but there's no way on earth you can make me get a job” things took a turn for the worse.
So I have thought of a way to combine the bikes and the road into some money making.
I will convert my beach cruiser into a 3-wheeled trike with the back end being a small stage. In the middle will be a stripper pole and around the edge will be peddle-powered lights. The ‘dance floor’ will be carpeted in velvet like material and a sound system will of course be used.
We can cruise up and down the new road, me gaining exercise from peddling and Mrs. Barn exercising the pole! Think of it like the ice cream truck that makes it’s rounds only better! People will run out of bars and throw money on the stage!
WHOO HOOO, am I smart or what?
I’ll run this by Mrs. Barn later and see how she responds.

Pole Dancer:

One who partakes in pole dancing; usually women who wear some sort of skimpy clothing making various postures around a vertical pole

"I became a pole dancer so that I can tone my body!"


Anonymous said...

HA, we'll see how smart you are after you run this by Mrs. Barn!

Anonymous said...

The day Mrs. Barn starts dancin' around a pole wearing "skimpy outfits" will probably be the same day i'm elected PM of Belize. Good luck with that Bill.

Anonymous said...

Yer dead!

Julian in SC said...

Been nice "knowing" Barn... I agree with Jesse

I don't suppose it might work in reverse... with people paying to have Mrs. Barn peddle you and the pole elsewhere... not bad - I like it and I bet she will *grin*


Caribbean Colors said...

Maybe if Mrs. Barn does the pedaling and you do the pole dancing you will make more with people throwing money at you to go away. (said with tongue in cheek) I have actually paid a street hustler here on Caye Caulker a dollar to stop singing to tourist girls in front of my house and to move on down the road.