Friday, August 28, 2009

24 hours in a day,, 2 crates of beer on my deck,, coincidence? I think not!

Anymore we will take a day off from drinking during the week, maybe 2! I guess it comes with getting old, fat, and did I mention broke? It usually feels pretty good and our systems thank us for it.
Wednesday was an ‘off’ night for us as Mrs. Barn had to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to get ready to catch the first flight to BZ city. Thursday I took her to the airstrip and came home to do some work.
I had plans of tearin it up Thursday night! Mango’s last night for the season and I considered attending.

Each time I would walk past the crate of beer on the DoubleWide I would shoot them a glance. I could see them wince and begin to tremble! They would actually start to shake in the crate! I couldn’t tell if they were afraid or excited?
But when I picked her up round 1300, she dropped the news on me.
She had a tooth yanked and the dentist told her not to smoke for 24 hours. All of you smokers and drinkers out there know that no smoking makes it real tough to drink. Right?
So she decided on another night ‘off’.
Now what kinda drinking partner would I be if I disregarded her dilemma and just started plowin thru that case of cold ones without her? A shitty one that’s what kind. Who would want to watch that without beer goggles?
So, I did the right thing and abstained for the second night. Now my alcohol system has so much blood in it, alarms have been going off all morning! Fer fucks sakes, I was up at 0400 getting set to shoot sunrise photos!

Now I know that the case on the DoubleWide is scared!
I can hear them talking. “Oh fuck, he’s really gonna take it out on us tonight!”
“What the fuck did we do? Hold on to yer caps boys, he’s gearin up!”
Easy fellas, you got all day to prepare a defense, not that it’s gonna help ya none. Ha ha ha ha!!
Oh just fuckin great, now I’m talking to the beers? And they’re talking back??

I came home sober and the dog bit me!


Julian in SC said...

Well, Barn... you could always switch to One Barrel and Coke Light with slice of lime for a night every now and then. Those One Barrel bottles are a LOT braver than those green beer bottles!!!

Anonymous said...

Mangos is the most boring bar I have ever been to.
What happened?

Belizean Beach Bums said...

We missed you both at Mango's last night Barn. Not to worry, we drank enough for all four of us. Our bar tab indicated that we had a great time. We were not bored for one second....

Barnacle said...

yea,, sorry we missed it.