Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gentelmen, start your engines,,,,UPDATED!!

Whelp, the big day has come,, and gone.
We now have a paved road in front of ‘Chez Barnacle!
Lawdy-o-praise Elvis the day has arrived! We can now go all the way to Placencia on pavement!
Today they did the section from S.S. to maya point market.
I just brought the crew out a cooler of beer and they were gone,
quicker than you can say, Sarah Palin is an idiot!
The beers, not the crew.

Turns out I gave that cold case of beer to the wrong guy.
I promised it to a member of the ‘paving’ crew to pick it up at 4 oclock.
At 4 a guy came and collected it.
Turns out the collect-ee was on the flag crew! He absconded with all the beer!
Now the paving crew is PISSED and hunting the drunken flagman.
So if you see a flagman acting kinda funny,, well, I guess I’m to blame.


Anonymous said...

Cheapskate! 10 cases and they would pave yer driveway, yer beach, and anything else you wanted!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the pavement.
Now you will get to spend less time dusting.
Don't be wandering out on the pavement to check it out less you become the first person accidently run over.

sandy a said...

Let the golf cart races begin!!!