Monday, August 17, 2009

Your beer's colder than my beer,, your beer's colder than mine,,,,sing along you know the words!

I think Sarah Palin hates me. I tried to make her my facebook friend and she won’t accept that?

What is her fucking problem? Doesn’t she know how rude that is? If she requested me as a friend and wanted to follow along with my wisdom and knowledge, I would allow it.
Now I am getting snot all over my fucking keyboard because I am crying so hard right now I cannot even see because THIS SHIT IS TOTALLY MOTHERFUCKING FUCKED!

So, is everybody enjoying this cool weather?
Not quite cool enough to keep beer cold but just bout right for sleeping one off.

Hey, we tried M.B. Hotel’s ‘experimental’ chicken pot pies last night, since our refridge is O.O.C. right now and I can’t cook shit.
Of the 3 flavors we tried, chicken with potatoes, chicken with mushrooms, and chicken with red peppers, the red peppers won out!
I like ‘em with a little more gravy but they were good.

So I just read that today is National Happy Friendship Day and I’m all “Wow. That must be new because no one’s ever mentioned it to me before” but then it turns out it’s been around since 1935.
Conclusion: You guys are assholes.


Wilma said...

So, is that butterfly lapping up some of your pot pie gravy? No wonder you thought the gravy was a little sparse, as huge as proboscis is! Great shot, though.

Julian in SC said...

Yeah, we're assholes BUT our fridges are working!!

Hope you can find a cold Belikin soon, so you can contemplate your sack lack of friends -- or lack of sad friends -- or just general lack. Hmmm, I think I'll quit....

OBTW, enjoy following your blog. Thanks!


Sue W said...

Sorry you didn't get the memo about National Friendship Day. I thought I forwarded it to you!

sandy a said...

took me a minute to figure out what that was!

John said...

Bill, I have made these only a few times and the comments always come back "We want more gravy". There is only so much space inside one of those things and the more gravy I add, the less chicken - I guess that since gravy is cheaper than chicken so I will succumb and give more gravy.

Aunty Pol said...

LMAO..I guess I missed Nat'l Friendship Day..but I didn't kill anyone at work either...does that count ?

Love the blog had me at the Sarah Palin bit.

Waves from Houston

tacogirl said...

enjoyed reading with my iced coffee this am - luckily no coffee showers on keyboard from laughing