Thursday, July 16, 2009

Uhhhhh,,, Opps!

Ok, now we really do have a problem.
Seems I made a foo paw. (sp)
In the last post I mistakenly gave the hotness credit of the first girl to Flo from the Progressive insurance commercials. Turns out she just looks like Flo and had been lumped in with the Google searches of Flo.
She really is Kari from Mythbusters. OK fine, still a hottie. And that’s still a pallet of beer!
And that’s certainly Judge Judy!!!
Google may not be the all knowing entity I thought it was?

Traveling the new road I was hoping I could be the first to heave a Styrofoam chicken box out the window but, sigh, seems about 500 people beat me to it.


Belizean Beach Bums said...

What new road? You have a new road?

Robert said...

made me spill my water, barn. That's funny shit. Pallet of beer...