Thursday, July 16, 2009


Dear Barnacle,
Could you tell me whether enjoying midget porn makes me a bad person. Please answer at your earliest convenience... or I shall watch more midget porn and go to those special shows that come through town occasionally sort of like roving carnies, except for midgets and live porn shows instead of clowns piling out of cars and flame breathing people being shot all the way across the Big Tent. I used to feel bad about enjoying the midget porn so much, but everyone has to make a living, right? Plus, who doesn't like to make porn? The midgets sure seem to enjoy it, so I don't see what the problem is. Plus, it's a lot more fun to watch midgets than all those weirdos on elephants. ~David

Funny, the first thing I thought of was these little guys. There not midgets but pygmies, close enough.
We all know what fun it is to get dressed into your favorite sex fantasy costume, tie up your partner and launch Teddy Bear Hamsters at her with a wrist rocket, right?
Well I found a site that sells these pygmy jerboas by the thousands!
Mrs. Barn vetoed my idea of a peacock but I bet she won’t be able to resist a shitload of these!
Soon ‘Chez Barnacle will be overrun with em!


The squirrels' cohorts in world domination.
They're trying to take over the fuckin' world, I tell ya, I swear to God...


Anonymous said...

OMG...I hope you didn't find one of those in your bed...that would be a deal breaker there...first the it is the pygme jerboa...that thing is butt ugly...yuck!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering which word you googled: "jerboa" or "pygmy"?????

Kraig and Barbara said...

I think he's adorable.