Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hottie parade,,,part uno

Something a bit different today. Lets look at a couple of hotties that are usually overlooked.
First one is Flo, the girl who sells insurance for Progressive. Oh come on, you know you have all wondered what she is really like. She has that certain something can’t quite put your finger on it, but you like what you are seeing. I think.
Well, with some digging I found out what the certain something she has is.

It’s called a pallet of beer!
No, seriously, I knew she would clean up nice.

Next up on the hottie parade is our old friend, none other than Judge Judy!

Oh hell yea! I have always wondered what she wears under that robe. Come on, admit it, I’m not the only one. Am i?

So, with a bit more digging, and I must say she keeps this shit out of the publics reach, but I found out what is under that robe.

Your welcome.

Judge Judy:

The Cases are real!
The People are real!
The Only thing that isn't are her damn teeth!


sandy a said...

Flo's real name is Stephanie Courtney and she's been in a heap of movies etc.!!! Phil and I love her commercials! She's way cooler than the Geico gecko!!

RPM said...

That's not Flo, that's Kari from Mythbusters. She is mega preggers now.