Friday, July 3, 2009

Shake, Rattle and hump,,,,

The road boys are at it again, right out in front. They worked late last night till after 7pm!
I can’t wait till they are moved north of us. No more dust, noise, air horns, dump trucks. It will be so nice.
Hopefully, once the road crew moves on there will be minimal truck traffic as it appears the condo projects are still stagnant! HA HA!

Right now seems to be mauga season (sp?). Everyone is slow and I mean from the oppressive heat and slow business. Happens every year. We load up all the seasons empty beer crates and cash them in, and we count up all the change lying round and turn it into the store.
This time as Mrs. Barn was counting the change and stacking it up, the earthquake simulator would rumble by and shake down her stacks!
The simulator is the roller machine they use to smash down the road. It can really shake ‘Cez Barnacle!

It never ends,,,,,

Heres a video showing what’s not in your vacation brochure.


Belizean Beach Bums said...

Hi Barn...

We found once the road was done, the dust is almost non existent. It is great... however, the road becomes an Autobahn... you will have to start backing in when you get home, so that you can get out easier.

BTW... Happy Independence Day to you and Mrs Barn.

Sharyn and Bob

Anonymous said...

Don't beat on never knows what can happen in the breach:)