Sunday, July 5, 2009

Shhhhhhh,, What's that smell?

Ever get that craving? When you just want some junk food? Of course you do.
Ever notice how expensive junk food is in Belize? Of course you have.
Something as simple as a crappy bag of fritos can cost you 10 bucks! And you better make your own dip cause you don’t wanna know the price of that shit!
So I do make allot of my own junk snacks. Corn tortillas from Dangriga make excellent nacho chips.
And since me and Google are so tight, I have found recipes for everything from corn dogs to twinkeys.
Since it is so slow round here right now, I plan on trying out some of these.
I may need to find a defibulator first as Mrs. Barn may need to revive me a time or two.
“CLEAR,, fffzzzzZAPPPP,, OK, we have a pulse.”
Here are 2 items that are in the line-up. Nothing special bout this bacon cheese burger is there?

And I like the sounds of this pizza!

Anyone seen any of this at the Chiny stores?

You could wrap a dog turd in bacon and it would be great!
(Never proven, try at your own risk! But do post your findings here!)


Anonymous said...

Looks like yer ready to open a snck shop in San Pedro. You'd do very well here!

Anonymous said...

Yo Barnacle,

Watch what kind of snacks U buy from the states.

BEWARE of any of that junk food shit that is marked "FOR EXPORT ONLY".
U just might be eating shit. I have worked in a Fito Lay plant back in the states and most of that crap they send to us here in Belize is stuff that falls off the belt onto the floor and gets scooped up with shovels. Don't be surprised if a little rat shit gets thrown in for good measure.
Not saying it gets done on purpose, but accidents to happen.
Also all the little broken shit seems to find its way into those export bags. Have u ever noticed. Kind of pisses me off when I open a bag of chips and all the chips are broken. Life is a bitch, then U die or marry one.

Anonymous said...
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sandy a said...

Man dude, defibrillator for real!

RPM said...

These go great with Baconnaise!

Carbunkle Trumpet said...

Let me know if you need some Lipitor pills!

Anonymous said...

Gee Whiz..don't go swimming or you will sink.