Wednesday, July 1, 2009

All the news not fit to print,,,

June was a dangerous month. Look at the casualties it claimed.
David Carridine, Farah Faucet, the Oxy-clean guy, and now Karl Malden!
Ferfuckssake, that’s a bad month! Seems like I’m missing someone,, oh yea, the largest impact on my life was felt when the Gecko living in my bathroom croaked!
The news has been a bit whacked out lately. I saw a video of a squirrel living inside a woman’s bra, the ugliest dog competition, Iran in turmoil (nothing new there) North Korea getting all froggy again just begging for a bitch-slappin.
Locally Belize has been put on the shit list with the world heritage site people for selling off protected areas and allowing scumbag developers to run amuck however they want. It’s amazing how easy people are bought and sold!
Our road is moving right along. I say it will be paved in front of ‘Chez Barnacle within 2 weeks! It is sooooo nice to go south now, I don’t even hesitate.

Ladies night is back in full swing and Mrs. Barn is in attendance right now. That means I will drink beer and shoot bats. OK by me.
I think this ‘ride’ should be incorporated into next years lobsterfest.


Way to stick a tree in the environments proverbial butthole
Walmarts development claimed to help the community, but just brought traffic and the destruction of biota habitat.

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Belizean Beach Bums said...

Love the ride, but I think I'll just watch.....