Wednesday, July 8, 2009


OK so you’ve read the Jackson rant, got your zombie prevention measures in place, well then look at this.
Remember Steve and Trina? They are still waiting trial. Mom has sent out another request for support from Belize. She sez you can post a letter of, of recommendation (I don’t know the correct type of letter this would be called) in Steve and Trina’s behalf and she will make sure it gets to the judge.
I tried to do that and apparently MySpace hates me too. Won’t let me sign up, the fuckers.
Anyway, here is the site address and her plea for assistance.

“I spoke to Stephen last night and he said to tell everyone they knew in Belize to please write letters for them. He mentioned several businesses he worked at and they frequented, but we have little time on the phone and I am not familiar with any of those places, but I am sure if you were close to them, you will know who he is talking about. Sorry to be so vague, but my information is vague coming from him and very quick, we like to spend most of the time letting him talk to Karissah and we only have 15 minutes per call.”

I am working on a way around MySpace and will let you know when i get something.
Pleas pass this along to all who can help!!

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sandy a said...

Ray J. told me about the letter-writing campaign a few days ago, so I already sent one to the judge.