Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Call me an asshole. Go ahead, others do.
But am I the only one who thinks all the hub-bub over Jackson’s death is just a bit much?
OK, I admit it. I have never been a fan. Not when he was 5, not when he moonwalked, never. Not my kinda entertainment. DUH, real shocker there eh?
And at the point he went all freaky weird, going thru the Caucasian transformation process, (which failed miserably), and all the other weird shit at Never Never land with the monkeys and petting zoo and shit,, WEIRD!
Then you toss in a bunch of kids to the mix and we got weird to the third power!
Twice accused of kiddie diddling. Once acquitted and one settled out of court, for an undisclosed amount.
Now this guy has a gazzilion dollars, dies, and leaves it all to the family.
Heres where I have trouble. Can you imagine the money spent on this memorial? Staples center? A gold casket? That don’t come cheap. If the world was a somewhat normal place, they would have stuck him in a pine box and donated the gold casket money to some worthy charity, like a child abuse clinic or something.
I didn’t watch it, another shocker there, but I can imagine it was all about show. Everyone put on a good performance; we’re live to the world.
All those singers got up and got some t.v. time, but how many of them do that for any charity? None I bet.
If I sent an email to Mick Jagger and the boys asking them to play ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ at my funeral, I would problay get a response back something like “Sure mate, we’re free next Tuesday.”

Mrs. Barn hears me raggin on a dead guy and wants to stab me repeatedly with a spork. A whole drawer full of big, sharp knives but she will use a spork so I don’t die. “CUZ I’M TRYING TO SAVE YOUR LIFE DUMB-ASS”.

So now he is dead and gone, let’s just move on shall we. Until we start to have sightings like those with Elvis. And now that you mention it, this guy was already a zombie already!
FUCK, another zombie walking the planet!
Now where did I put that can of Zombie-b-gone?


Dipshit who can't spell.
pedoPHile, not pedoFile, you fucktards.


San Pedro said...

MJ is hiding out in Belize...and Elvis is alive and well, and living in Belize...a coincidence? They are related by marriage you know.

adriane said...

"Mrs. Barn hears me raggin on a dead guy and wants to stab me repeatedly with a spork."


bonbon said...

Thank Goodness I am not the only one around here thinking the same thing. They say Calif. is Broke and then they give that guy a four millon send Off. Crazy, Crazy. Glad I live in Belize.

Anonymous said...

I like MJ but then, I keep thinking about 1000 years from now when archeologists dig up his grave..look at the gold on the casket..and then go to pauper's graves. Is it any different from the past that is in the disparities

Julian in SC said...

OMG Thank goodness you think like you do, Barn. Couldn't keep reading your Drop Blog if you ended up a MJ fan! Can't agree with you more!!!

Been reading your rants for some time now and wish I could get down your way someday. We've been to San Pedro and spent a couple of weeks in Corozal but haven't turned down the Hummingbird Hwy yet... but hopefully someday.

Hope the Spork isn't plastic, the little boogers tend to shatter when used as a knife and getting all the little pieces out is real chore! *grin*