Friday, June 12, 2009

Summertime mugshots,,,

Are things going to return to normal round here? I guess we’ll see.
In the meantime, has anyone noticed the new ad on the top of ‘advertiser’s row’ there on the right?
Some of you may wonder how they landed in the top spot. Anyone have an idea? Anyone? Bueller?
They paid! Yep, they are paying me almost 11 cents per day to have that ad there. And by my highly accurate mathematical calculations, that’s pretty close to 100% more than I get from the rest of the advertisers,, combined!
Now I get to change the battry in my ipod. I need to stay sober focused one day for that, kinda scary.

Now a shout-out for volunteers. Mrs. Barn and I are in a photo competition again. There is to be ‘assignments’ all summer long. The first one is said to be the only one that requires people. Here is an example from the contest 'boss'.

We are to submit a ‘headshot’ of someone. Mrs. Barn picked me.
That's part one. Part 2 is to submit a second photo that the subject takes of you.
So for me to use Mrs. Barn as my victim subject would be kinda confusing and weird.
So, I am asking for a volunteer to come by for a quick photo. Painless and you can have the end results for your resume or police mugshot. We have till the 23rd to get ‘er done. And this contest has real prizes! Did I mention that I always have beer here?
If anyone is curious bout the contest and how it's progressing, check here.

Whatcha think? Any takers? Besides these two.


A popular, high capacity mp3 player developed by Apple, reviled by many users of Urban Dictionary as a loathsome object of inexaustible hatred. Despite being nothing more
than a fairly expensive music player, the Ipod appears to have fomented a vicious social conflict unseen since the French Revolution.

Husband: "Honey, I bought you an Ipod for Christmas!"
Wife: "An Ipod!" "You Goddamn prick, I want a divorce."


sandy a said...

Looks like that pair didnt' miss a meal together AND they are wearing matching necklaces, how cute..(not)

Robert said...

Bill, (only bill!) do a google image search of the "worlds happiest couple". First image is usually the right answer...

Anonymous said...

Sorry Barn I have to take the wife's side here. iPod ? no fishing pole or vacumn cleaner ?

She is definitely going to have to send you back to obedience school.

Only joking, cyber hugs.
(see you in the forum)