Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I have crossed the line,,,

Today’s post takes on a more serious angle.
Sure, I’m all about jokes, but sometimes I can, and have crossed the lines.
I did it a few days ago.
I made a comment about a friend of mine, Cristy, who works at Wallens.
I consider her a friend and never meant to hurt or embarrass her in any way.
I did not think it through.
But, I did embarrass her and hurt her.
For that I truly apologize. I never meant to cause any problems.
I have apologized to her, sincerely, and I wish to make it known to the blogger community that I am truly sorry.
Cristy,, we are friends,, I hope this can be forgiven!
I am truly sorry.


Whoever brought this to her attention, please do so again!


Joe said...

Maybe a gift basket of Belikins would help?

Belizean Beach Bums said...


I am sure that if Cristy knows you, she knows where you come from. I can't believe anyone would believe you have a mean bone in your body. It's always in good fun and humour.


Brian and Jas said...

we're all human we fuck up often and not always intentionally

Anonymous said...

Sounds downright gentlemanly of you Barn. She will see your genuine sincerity and be buddies again.