Sunday, June 14, 2009

And this is the truth,,,! Or, you mean I shaved my go-nads for this?

Here at the highly top secret testing facilities located somewhere in the secluded area known as Mental Breach, some product testing has been taking place.
In an attempt to expose unfounded claims by manufactures, I will do what it takes, go beyond the normal, give 110%.
Today I am testing Sally Hansen’s Spray-on Shower-off Hair Remover.

“Just spray and rinse away,, hair is gone.” “Lasts days longer than shaving.”
OK, lets just see. At first I was going to use my ball sac as the test site, but then I thought about things like nub itch, or a rash of some sort, and having to post the photos out here for you, let alone having to shoot the photos.
Hey, I coulda entered them in the ‘headshot’ contest! Bald head.
Anyway, I decided to try the arm. What could it hurt?

So, I spray on a good dose and wait the prescribed 3 minutes. Then I go and rinse it off. It came right off alright but not one single hair came with it!
This shit blows! One huge thumbs down.

Have a product you want tested? Drop it by, I'll give it a go, probably.


The equivalent of burning shit in a container. Leaves red splotches all over your legs and will burn off your finger nails if left on long enough.
"Nair is great! I only have to re-apply it 6 times and then I have something almost but not quite like razor burn."


sandy a said...

It may not have done sh*t to your arm, but it probably would've burned like fire on those family jewels!

rabbitmoon said...

what a perfect way to end the weekend...glad you are the testee......bow to you and your nads; i mean arm.....hahaha

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!